Keynote 2nd day by Mark Beniof

  • They try to stop us; North west guy…windows…
    • MS sue us… Nice introduction…
    • MS with Salesforce.com=> Too
  • <UCSF>
  • Ruby on rail be ready for Database.com
    • Koike memo: why sf heavy support Ruby. Instead of Java… concern with Java with Oracle?
    • Heroku is for developer… now acquire by Salesforce… so become platform for developing.There are lot of Heroku app on facebook. Heroku adapt with database.com. Better than Java… Mark said.Heroku is 7th cloud for Salesforce.. 8th is IT service management by BMC software… It's remedyforce.

Interview with Eric

  • Eric Stahl (Director of Platform Product Marketing)
  • Q:SF are transforming? In 2007, you are SaaS model, then 2008 you are PaaS model. Now you start database.com, Ruby on rail…. Start private cloud or Hybrid cloud. Your company will transformation?
  • A:No. 20 years ago, we start from Sales automation. After years and years, we are growing. Now we have a verity of customers from SMB to large corporation. And so many applications like callcenter, IT service tool (BMC), distribution management, finance tools and so on. So needs from those customers are so diversified, just we try to provide enough tools for satisfy our customer. We are not specify any cloud model or style, what we are looking for is adapting market needs…market mean customer needs. Our NYCE symbol is CRM, but our company is not CRM company, we are so many tools. Of course we have only 8 meager tool/platform, not like IBM or Oracle. They have a hundreds of tools and applications. But our company approach is so unique. We continue to provide broad tools and applications for our customer.
  • Q: Mark said yesterday, SF going from Desktop cloud to Mobile cloud. Could you tell me about your strategy to mobile cloud.
  • A: Our customer need a mobile tools. Look iphone, blackberry, iPad, Androdi…there are lot of mobile tools and every customer wish to use our service in anywhere. Mobile is very important to us. We provide to type of solutions now. Salesforce native application, you can use our mobile app, so you can enjoy our service instantly. If customer wish to build up their own mobile application, they can use our developer tools and database. This year we put Ruby on rail/Heroku, so not only Java but also Ruby you can use. Also in such a case, customer can apliciate our network capability which we use CDN Akamai service. Also we open new data center outside of US, depend on the each market's needs. Customer can enjoy our service from nearest DC.
  • Q: You open new datacenter next year in Tokyo. Could you give me any coment on that?
  • A: Japan is very important market and very quick growing market for us. This is a best reason we decide to open new data center in Tokyo. We have to support an important Japanese customer. Japan is very interesting for us. They are very quick and flexible to adjust new technology compare with lest of countries. This is a reason, so quickly increase our customer in Japan.
  • Q: In US, you have a huge success for SMB market. In contrast, middle and large company will come to your early customer in Japan. Those are very interesting for me. Do you have some unique strategy especially Japanese market? How do you think Japanese SMB market? Seems huge potential for your company.
  • A: I think no difference. But I do not have a responsibility of international marketing. I am not a suitable person to such a question.
  • Q: Two or three years in future, where Salesforce going? What is most important direction or goal for cloud industry?
  • A: Salesforce is so unique. Nobody can do like us. MS try to get in a cloud, but struggle. Oracle actually do nothing in cloud. Google is also very unique, we alliance with them. Amazon are deeply in cloud services but not a same way we are walking. They are also unique. We don't now where we are going and how change cloud industry is.


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