NTTドコモ、Innovation Center開設発表会

  • 2011年8月4日、Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel, 2825 Sand Hill RD, Menlo Palk, CA 94025


  • 1.小森常務挨拶
  • 2.栄藤CEO新組織紹介
  • 3.開設歓迎挨拶: Liz Kerton (President, Telecom Counsel)、John Lagerling (Dir., Android Global Partnerships, Google)、Jan Uddenfeldt (CTO, Sony Ericsson)
  • 4.パネルディスカッション
    • Operator Driven Innovation: Opportunity and Threats
    • Moderator: Azita Arvani (Founder, Arvani Group)
    • Panelist; 写真順左から7),6),5),4),3),2),1)
      • 1)Mark Nagel, Exe. Director of Marketing, AT&T Foundry
        2)Jean-Marc Frangos, Managing Director, External Innovation, British Telecom
        3)Fay Arjomandi, Head of R&D US/China, Vodafone Group
        4)Minoru Etoh, VP, Head of Service & Solution Development Dept., NTT DOCOMO
        5)Stephen Bye, CTO, VP Technology Development & Strategy, Sprint Nextel
        6)Gabriel Sidhom, VP, Technology Development at Orange Silicon Valley, Orange 7)Azita Arvani, Founder, Arvani Group


  • 2011年上半期、LTEは100万加入をこえる。スマートフォンも昨年250万台を販売。今年は600万台を目標。
  • シリコンバレーは、ビジネスモデル的にも技術的にも高い関心を持っている。ここに開発センターを設立することは重要だ。ドコモは研究開発を重要なDNAと考えており、SVリサーチセンターは、ドコモ事業拡大にとって重要な役割を担うと信じている。


  • スライドを見る。

Liz Kerton挨拶

  • In Silicon Valley, there are 27 global carriers. Very competitive place at mobile industry. In 2010, Silicon Valley venture capital invest 600 million dollars for venture business. All USA venture investment are 1 billion so that, SV occupied 60% of all VC.

Panel Discussion

  • Q: Introduction yourself and activities of innovation.
    • 2) In this panel, only us does not have mobile business. Mobile and SaaS are important for us. Three years ago, application and device are so power up, it’s like all device become computer. Also, open platform model is very important. In future mobile, not only connectivity but we have to find new position of carriers it’s mean new value.
    • 4) Our competence is mobile network, also we have a lots of own DoCoMo? shop. This is another strength. Non-telephony subscriber are growing quickly. M2M is very important.
    • 6) Watch slide
    • 5) Spectrum and capital are strength of us. Recently venture business focus on so narrow service or solution. Carrier should those venture combine and integrate one total solution.
    • 3) M2M, mobile device, consumer electronics are key for future mobile.
  • Q: What come in 2050 ?
    • 6) Mobile phone come in the center of CE, medical’s more connected world.
    • 5) Application, devices are everywhere...that’s mean huge network capacity are needed. Also network should be more deeper, more faster, more capacity. Can carrier support those network requirement by 2050? It’s tough job.
    • 4) In 2050, how much mobile phone need bandwidth... maybe 10 to 20 Gbyte per month.
    • 2) 1st, Cloud become more popular, at that time public and personal mobile cloud everyone use. 2nd, Context world should come. By sensor and devices machine will understand human communications. 3rd, Social network is now growing... become popular. This change dramatically electric commerce or other industry.
  • Q: Now we have data tsunami. By 2016, mobile data cost will be 7 times higher. Who take care of those investment and cost?
    • 4) Now mobile user use 1 Gbyte per month in Japan. Maybe existence smartphone support 2Gbyte per month. But tablet is wild card. They need huge traffic.
    • 5) End of the day, we have an economical business model. There are no other model, even Apple or Google push to change. Traffic is’s based on cost base delivery mechanism. Some money should be paid by consumer.
  • Q: How about M2M?
    • 3) Mobile is a platform of E2E. Should cover end to end.
    • 2) M2M is very complex emerging market. What type of application fit on each industry... Some is global... Some are very local.
  • Q: How about cloud and carrier?
    • 4) End of the day, carrier should provide security and safety on future cloud and mobile world.
    • 2) Cloud computing is very scale service. Carrier start to learn those issues. It’s take few moments. Cloud business is not only hosting, but application, software revolution. We have to understand that cloud business model basically low cost inovation.