Evernote Trunk Conference


The Future of Evernote

Phil Libin, CEO, Evernote

  • Remember everything, Capture everything and synchronize…all memory.
  • How are we doing?
  • slide; Central partner…27% is Japanese user…huge market for us. One of top the partner tool in Japan.
  • Evnt is life time memory for you, in 20 years.
  • Premium is liner line with how long months use user. More live.
  • 内田洋行と提携。Furniture and IT company. Over hundred years. Half empty on display room. This is it. I want to this… One hundred years company.
  • The right tools change your brain. (this is next 3 years) Hummer… new realty new life… Super google, super facebook, your brain change….this is our goal. New tool which change life of us.
  • The right tools change your brain. Something elegant, something simple.
  • Skitch; new draw tool, we use inside of company. Best tool for tablet user. Future communication is skitch(スキッチ) $19.99 to free. Best app. in iTunes. Free mean more popular.
    • Developer on stage; Skitch for android is released today.
  • The short-term future (couple of weeks)
    • iPhone and iPad, most request….Rich text editing.
    • Complete iPad redesign; more look nice and easy use
    • Shared Notebooks; more corrablate, easy.
    • Search within note
    • Lock pin for application base
  • Mac
    • Full screen mode
    • customizable favorites bar
  • Web Browser clipper
    • brand new extensions for Safari, Chrome and Firefox

Medium-term future

  • Fil come stage, show "Galleries" preview…. Watch slides.
    • Now developer beta.

Phil Libin, CEO, Evernote

  • from 3 minutes to few hours, kill time…. Or complete something… accomplish something. Traditional productivity game has / should change from now. Evernote do this. Productivity platform everywhere. 7 billion user if it realize, it is great. Ubiquitous productivity platform is our goal.

Great Decisions: How companies reach the next level of growth

  • 1) Guy Kawasaki, 2)Roelof Totha, 3)Tim Ferriss (photo from left, 1),2),3))
  • How use evernote
    • 3) writing, wine, powerpoint
    • 2) photo, restaulant… magazine…
    • 1) every receipt everything dump in. Lots of it.
  • How you make decision to invest?
    • 3) use everyday, discount…
    • 2) unproven venture, perfect presentation is bad sign.
  • How long to make decision?
    • 3) It is finance workflow, but first 3 minutes
    • 2) First 15 to 20 minutes.
    • 1) more presentation will not work well.
  • How you catch first 10 to 15min.?
    • 2) What is solution. How solve problem. This is it.
    • 3) Evernote, restrant menue photo show me … I got it.
  • Tool, marketing, chaper free everthing, What are you invest?
    • 3) Conversion is very important field which I watching in.
    • 2) Cost to start business dramatically down last ten twenty years. But hire good staff is not change. Allways those staffs are expencive.
  • Q Lots of mistake…end of the day, turn great success? Tell me that story.
    • Palm pilot.
  • How to pick up valuable suggestion from customer?
    • 2) day by day business, you know. Best company, they innovate them self.
  • Productivity tool is not hot topic for Investor? Evernote is one of exception?
    • 3) Productivity tool is really not hot? I don't think so. But really few case to invest.
    • 2) Noise cancellation headphone is become hot topic. Time is come.
  • When you quite for invested companies?
    • 2) change products is bad sign.
  • Try to long or quite early?
    • 3) Quite early
    • 2) Really never heard idea, it take a long time.

Developing a Rich Application (11am)

  • Damian Mehers, Senior Software Engineer, Evernote
  • watch slides photos

Inside Evernote's Architecture (11:30am)

  • Dave Engberg, CTO, Evernote
    • Context-free stats!!
      Peak is 6am come from Japan and east coast.

Evernote Developer Competition Finalists Presentations (1pm)

  • watch photo slides

State of the Trunk

  • Seth Hitchings, VP Platform Strategy, Evernote
  • watch photo slides 小池メモ:Paperless, print alternative, cloud document,

How to be Big in Japan (2:30pm)

What's New in the API (3pm)

  • Seth Hitchings, VP Platform Strategy, Evernote
    • 1) Phil Keys, 2) Phil Libin, 3) Yamashita, 4) Furukawa (from left), Keys is moderator
  • What is going on in Japan.
    • 2) Basically we live Japan. Food, cartoon, Japanese society very brace us.
    • 3) Journalist love Evernote, in early stage. This is story for success in Japan.
    • 2)DoCoMo? capital is first investor.
  • How about investment opportunity in US.
    • 3) SV is so good environment for high tech, start investment here. Just launch iMode Evernote.
    • 1) Japan will transfer from local standard to global standard.
    • 3) DoCoMo? open new R&D center, DoCoMo? Innovation is just opened in Palo Alto.
  • What is 3points to success business with Japan?
    • 4) Use to be Trade Company "shosha" sacuccess. Next great leader take important roll (like Son Masayoshi??).
    • 2) One success tip in Japan, "Enthusiast" is very important, Passion is attractive for Japanese. Japan is one of the easiest market, US VB start business.
    • 2) US and Japan not much different, Japan is better monetize, easy to transfer premier member. More engige…

Icon to Interface - A Conversation with Evernote's Creative Director (3:30pm)

  • 1) Gabe Campodonico, Creative Director, & 2)Andrew Sinkov, VP Marketing
    • from left, 2), 1)
  • Why your logo is elephant?
    • Elephants never forget! This is mean.

A Lifetime of Memories: A Conversation with Gordon Bell (4pm)

  • 1) Gordon Bell, Microsoft and 2) Farhad Manjoo, Slate.com (photo from left 1), 2))
    • Wear camera which record each 20 sec. Lifecam. 2001 we discuss record back. 2003, Let's start record everything. Hart late
  • Gordon run 10 years head from Evernote. What is mean?
    • New DB coming soon. This is be impact. How way record work? Live with those tools.
    • I don't have to remember anything. No forget memory. Forget life camera and trip grand children. It's bad.
  • Forget things is one of the part of life. Isn't it.
    • Camera is not problem. Voice recording is illegal. That's make more trouble for you.
      I building computer over 50 years… I am hardware guy… but this life camera is real computer. Sensor is good for healthcare issue.
      For weight control, this is good for record everything. If you photo every food, you and your doctor easy are analyzed what is bad what is good.
      Life and after-life, this is you can replay your life. Your family can get your life…this is great. Lifeloging should be legal…
    • Recording is okay, but publish it is not good. Private recording is no problem. Recording is it.
    • Every recording is dangerous for life. Technologically enable is not always good for your life.
  • Q) Has your recording is a timeline for your health monitoring?
    • Health data is
  • Q) More data you record, more noise and you cannot get value recording?
    • Yes it is problem. When you forget, it is filter, you can get that. There is no bad record, or just noise in your life. All is valuable.
  • Q) How can I make (Evernote) hundred years company?
    • When I start, I have terabyte so my life should squise into this space. This is so low resolution…life.