Cloud Connect

  • 2011/3/8~10 at Santa Clara Convention Ctr.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 Keynote 9:00-11:00 AM

The Amazon Cloud Ecosystem

Werner Vogels(Vice President and CTO,

  • Ecosystem of Cloud; Cloud not = System itself. This is just map/ rule/ Theoly… Everything as a Service…not Everything as a cloud Service
    • Let a thousand platform bloom… ecosystem become a big. Cloud security; SafeNet? or DS3( / acceleration tool ; aspera or reverbed / Big-Data
    • It is all about the cloud ecosystem…
      • AWS is not hosting… what a mith. There are no cloud hosting??
      • Disaster recovery has come… it's really easy on cloud.
      • AWS is more on servce.

The Network is the Computing Once Again

Lew Tucker(CTO of Cloud Computing, Cisco Systems)

  • World of cloud
    • Stanford network company…sun>computer>router>internet>say network is computer> now come cloud computing.
    • there are many cloud; government, AWS….
    • Web vs. Enterprise ; horizontal - vertical
    • Traditional data center is not scale up linear…what can we do?
      • Cloud computing model; focus on infractructure erea…Revolution in how appli. Are build> SOA finally realized.
    • Open Stack, cisco supported.

Enterprise Cloud Myth(s)

Randy L. Bias(CEO, Founder & Cloud Strategist, Cloudscaling)

  • Randy is the expert cloud providers like VMware, EngineYard?, Internap, and GoGrid? consult when they need help. His independent cloud consultancy, Cloudscaling, advises Fortune 500 companies like Kaiser Permanente on cloud strategy. Randy has driven innovations in infrastructure, IT, Operations, and 24×7 service delivery since 1990. He was the technical visionary on the executive team of GoGrid? & ServePath?, a major cloud computing provider. Prior to GoGrid?, he built the world's first multi-cloud, multi-platform cloud management framework at CloudScale? Networks, Inc.
    Randy is recognized as one of the top cloud bloggers and twitterers and recently won a 2009 'Cloudie' award for Most Influential Cloud Blogger. The Cloudscaling blog has tens of thousands of page views every month.
    Randy's innovative open licensing of the GoGrid? API inspired many others to open license their cloud APIs including SunMicrosystems?, Rackspace Cloud, and VMware. Randy is a cloud computing thought leader who is frequently asked to present and participate on panels at technology conferences.
  • AWS is not enogh enterprise…myth.
    • Enterprise love commodity cloud. > there are two battle (AWS vs racspacecolu gogrid…)
    • The error is cloud as outsourcing > AWS can make cloud commodity.
    • AWS is winning…next 5 CAGR 50 ~ 100%. S3 grow 100% ~ 120%. > private hostin like Rackspace vs. AWS. Commodty cloud win.
    • what difference about commodity cloud.
    • So… go commodity cloud.

Session: Enterprise Cloud Myth(s)

  • What makes an enterprise cloud? Why do we need them and what promise do they hold? Will the Amazon model win or is an alternative cloud model truly required for a different buyer? We will explore the myths and realities of commodity vs enterprise clouds, describing what is at stake if we fail to incorporate the obvious truths in front of us.


  • 急遽、1)MSと2)VMwareでやる。モデレータは司会bitto
    • MS is as always…respect old/existing application go to cloud.
    • Salesforce growing but compere with AWS VMware, it's small. Not main stream.


  • not Oracle and Java > we go to AWS.
    • Agility and scale > accidental complexity is generational > Corca 2011 still accidental complexty.
    • HRC; hardware review committee

IBM Dr. Willy Chiu

  • watch slide photo.
    • cloud project; workflow standardization, provisioning, resource share, Lower TCO
    • 70% of our clients are adapting cloud computing.

Yahoo by Todd Papaioannou

  • 400k servers opration
  • What is elasticity; we need. 200 pb of data. 100bn events/day….
    • spin-up time is a major issue for spike events. Load shedding is the only current option.

DreamWorks? Animation by Derek Chan

  • 1 film take 4-5 years to make. With 200 wstation, 50+cpu…
  • Kanfu panda 2; 2003 we use cloud at Shrek. / 2010 only studio to releas 3 CG features in one year. / 2011 more movies, more cloud…increasing cloud capacity > 10x capacity increase by the end of 2011. > they use Open Stack (multi-cloud managenet)このCloud stackスライドは重要。チェック / technical hurdles (multi-tenancy…)

Panel: No Private Cloud Should Be An Island

  • Moderator; 1)James Staten(Vice President, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research)
    Speaker; 2)Mathew Lodge(Senior Director, Cloud Serivces, VMware)/ 3)Matt Thompson(General Manager, Developer and Platform Evangelism, Microsoft)/ 4)Kevin McEntee(Vice President of Systems Engineering, Netflix)/ 5)Willy Chiu(Vice President, IBM Cloud Labs)

Session: Accelerating business transformation through Smarter Computing

  • As organizations expand and businesses must become increasingly agile to compete, demand for computing capacity has become more dynamic, at the same time IT budgets are under tremendous pressures to control costs. Businesses must shift from traditional IT models to more efficient and innovative IT delivery models, such as cloud computing, that can be adapted rapidly to solve global business challenges, continue to accelerate innovative business models, and to drive new opportunities for monetization. In this keynote, Dr. Chiu will discuss how enterprise cloud adoption has evolved and what foreseeable outcomes it may create for businesses in the future.
  • Speaker; Dr Todd Papaioannou, Vice President of Cloud Architecture, Yahoo! Inc.
    • Dr Todd Papaioannou is vice president, cloud architecture for Yahoo!'s global cloud computing group. Prior to joining Yahoo!, Dr Papaioannou served as vice president for architecture and emerging technologies at Teradata. He focused on product and architectural strategy across the entire Teradata product portfolio. His recent focus included defining and driving Teradata's initiatives in the cloud computing and virtualization spaces and launching the Teradata Developer Exchange. Previously he was the CTO of Teradata's clientsoftware group and served as the chief architect for the Teradata Viewpointprogram from inception through the first two product releases. Prior to joining Teradata, Dr Papaioannou was chief architect at Greenplum/Metapa. Dr Papaioannou holds a PhD in artificial intelligence and distributed systems.

Session: Elasticity: the What and the Why

  • Elasticity is one the most important benefits of Cloud computing. But what exactly do we mean by Elasticity? And how can you best explain it to the nay sayers? Find out from
  • Speaker; Derek Chan, Head of Digital Operations, DreamWorks? Animation
    • As Head of Digital Operations for DreamWorks? Animation SKG, Derek Chan is responsible for the operations, strategic vision and planning for the Company's computing infrastructure.
      With additional experience in Software Development, Derek has served in various management roles on multiple animated films, including the Shrek franchise, "How to Train Your Dragon" and DreamWorks? Animation's upcoming release, "Kung Fu Panda 2."
      Derek holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles and a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. In 2008, Derek was named one of Computer World's Premiere 100 IT Leaders and is an advisor on various industry boards, including Red Hat and HP Technical Advisory Councils.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Session: Are You Activating Cloud Economics?

  • 9:00-11:00 AM, James Staten, Vice President, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research
    • We all know clouds can save you money through their pay-per-use pricing model and deliver productivity benefits by being highly automated but do you really understand the new economic model they present? Are you coding, configuring, capacity planning and monitoring and orchestrating your applications to turn these economics in your favor? In my session I’ll discuss how others are doing this and how you can too.
    • Bio: James serves Infrastructure & Operations professionals providing insights and best-practice use of emerging infrastructure technology and services trends including cloud computing (IaaS and public and private clouds), strategic rightsourcing, infrastructure consolidation, and application-specific infrastructure optimizations. Staten is the author of best-practice analysis on maturing your virtualization practices, building a cloud computing consumption strategy, and optimizing Web site infrastructures for blazing fast performance. He also advises clients on IT's role in business empowerment and HERO enablement.

Session: Building the Overmind: AI and Autonomic Clouds

  • Researchers in artificial intelligence are starting to look for new challenges after having worked on problems such as chess, checkers or backgammon. One recent example is the question/answer system from IBM, Watson, that played in Jeopardy!. Starcraft is one of the most successful real time strategy (RTS) games ever made, and RTS games present many of the challenges and open problems that one finds in artificial intelligence. In my talk, I will link the concepts that the Berkeley Overmind used to win the first Starcraft AI competition with some of the cloud computing challenges.
  • Scott Baker, Director of Systems Engineering and Operations, Eventbrite
    • Scott Baker is the Director of Systems Engineering and Operations at Eventbrite. He is responsible for managing Evenbrite's technology infrastructure. Prior to joining Evenbrite, Mr. Baker worked as Vice President of Operations at Digg, the popular social news site which once boasted 40 Million Unique Visitors per month. He also held the position of Manager of Global Internet Services for Apple's Global Network Services group. He managed Apple's customer-facing networks, including, and the iTunes Music Store. He also held various networking and IT positions at The Boston Consulting Group, Intraspect and ION, as well as Director of Network Services for Playboy Enterprises/ He lives in San Francisco and is the Artistic Director of Performers Under Stress, a theatre company dedicated to performing original works and the works of Samuel Beckett.
  • Oriol Vinyals, PhD student, UC Berkeley, Microsoft Research Fellow
    • Oriol received his double degree from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain) in Mathematics and Telecommunication Engineering, and a Master in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego in 2009. He is currently a PhD student at the University of California, Berkeley, and is one of the 2011 Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship recipients. Oriol interests include artificial intelligence, with particular emphasis on machine learning, speech, and vision. He was a visitor scholar at the Computer Science department of the Carnegie Mellon University in 2006, where he worked in computer vision and robotics.

Session: Using the Voice of IT to Develop Data Center Requirements

  • With a collective buying power of over $50 billion the members of the Open Data Center Alliance have come together to provide a unified vision for long-term data center requirements. This session will give an overview of the Alliance including an outline of the Technical Workgroups, targeted usage models, and progress toward the Usage Model Roadmap.
  • Marvin Wheeler, Chief Strategy Officer, Terremark / Chairman and Secretary, Open Data Center Alliance
    • Marvin Wheeler's duties focus on directing corporate initiatives and developing strategic alliances with key corporate partners in order to help Terremark maintain its position as a leading provider of cutting-edge IT solutions for enterprises and Federal government agencies. Working closely with Terremark's Product Development, Operations and Sales teams, he directly aligns overall corporate strategies with the continued development of innovative products and services that effectively meet the evolving needs in the complex IT infrastructure market. Prior to being named CSO, Wheeler served as Chief Operations Officer and President of Terremark's U.S. Commercial Business Unit. In that role, he was responsible for planning, deploying and maintaining the industry-leading multi-vendor technology used within Terremark's global facilities around the world.
      Before joining Terremark, Mr. Wheeler spent 24 years at BellSouth? managing data center and WAN/LAN Operations, in addition to directing some of the largest and most critical 24/7 operations centers in the Southeastern United States. He has vast experience with key operational processes such as provisioning, maintenance, change management and network reliability.

Session: The Cloud Ecosystem

  • As enterprises start to adopt the cloud paradigm and build out cloud based data centers, it is becoming apparent that a mature, well-managed and scalable cloud requires the alignment of a broad ecosystem of components and partners. We will unpack the constituents of this ecosystem, and discuss what to consider in each so as to get closer to a Perfect Cloud deployment."
  • Marty Kagan, President and Co-Founder, Cedexis
    • Marty Kagan has been leading the development of products and services in the web caching, content delivery, and application acceleration space since 1996. Prior to co-founding Cedexis, Marty was Vice President of Engineering at Jive Software and Akamai Technologies, Director of Technology for Akamai International, and part of the original Cache Engine skunk-works team at Cisco Systems. He has co-authored 9 patents.
  • Andy Schroepfer, Vice President of Enterprise Strategy, Rackspace Hosting
    • As VP of Strategy at Rackspace, Andy Schroepfer's goal is to quicken the pace that businesses see, and act on, the reality that the future of computing is not about servers, but about service. He calls this the Road to ACE (All Cloud Enterprise), where ACE is a business that operates powerfully without servers, by leveraging the most efficient hosting platform (dedicated or cloud) for their custom apps and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications for the rest.
      Schroepfer has been the go-to analyst in the hosting industry since its inception in the late 1990s. From his beginnings at Piper Jaffray where he developed and managed the VoIP (Voice-over-Internet-Protocol) industry's primary market statistics, Schroepfer published a 270-page report on the dis-aggregation of communications which sparked his coverage of the Web hosting industry. He then joined Goldman Sachs as VP and Senior Equity Analyst on the Internet Infrastructure Services industry during the time when Equinix, Loudcloud (now HP), and Webex (now Cisco) were executing their IPOs (Initial Public Offerings). In late 2000, Schroepfer founded, led, and later sold Tier 1 Research, the leading specialist research firm on the hosting and data center industry whose insights and data remain best-of-breed. Schroepfer has been a technology investor and founded CagedTweets?.com, an archiving firm for social media applications like Facebook and Twitter.

Photo of Willem van Biljon

Willem van Biljon

Co-Founder and Vice President of Products, Nimbula Willem is a senior technology executive and entrepreneur who started his career building a unix-based operating system for mini-computers and the first retail debit card payment system for one of the largest retailers in South Africa. Building on that expertise, he co-founded Mosaic Software to build the first high-end payment transaction switch for commodity hardware and operating systems. Mosaic became one of the world's leading EFT companies with operations in more than 30 countries and was successfully sold to S1 Corp. in 2004. Willem then joined Amazon to develop the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service business plan and to drive product management and marketing for the service. Willem is a graduate of the University of Cape Town.

  • Neal Sample, Vice President of Architecture, eBay
    • As eBay's vice president of architecture, technology product management and the developer program, Neal Sample brings nearly 20 years of passion for platform operations and data challenges to the world's largest online marketplace. Neal oversees strategy for the company's platform architecture, managing the design and delivery of eBay's platform efforts and further integrating eBay's range of components ― including eBay mobile, Open eBay developer program, cloud computing and social commerce ― into the platform infrastructure. He also leads the teams that deliver new and exciting technology product functionality to eBay's tens of millions of customers, and who build opportunities for the developer community to monetize their applications through Open eBay. Neal joined eBay from Yahoo!, where he most recently was vice president of Yahoo's open, social and participation (YOS) platforms. Sample holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in computer science from the University of Wyoming, and a doctorate in computer science from Stanford University.