Carrier Cloud Forum (Monday, May 9, 2011, 8:30 AM–4:30 PM)

  • Room: Jasmine E

Introduction from Heavy Reading (8:30~)

  • Speaker - Ari Banerjee, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading
  • Ari will offer a market update, detailing where telecom service providers are in their efforts to provide cloud-based services, and outlining some of the immediate challenges they face in addressing this new market. He will also share original Heavy Reading research on industry perspectives of the future of Cloud Computing services.

Opening Keynote (8:50 AM–9:20 AM)

  • Keynote Speaker - Mike Millegan, President, Verizon Global Wholesale, Verizon Communications
    • Everything are cloud, iPad…WebEx…
    • Cloud of VZC is still early stage. We should different from enterprise approach. Commodity cloud is our enterprise class service.
    • MCI, Telemark, Syiver trast etc we have many asset. Especially 4G network. Application on top of cloud…like iPad iPhone.
    • スライド(VZCのビジネス4種)
    • スライドThe network differentiation
    • スライドThe Cloud Opportunity
    • スライドVerizon Cloud Services
    • スライドThe Future
    • スライドVerizon's Cloud Strategy
    • スライドAccekeratuib VZC Cloud opportunity
    • スライドVZC + Terremark = 53DC worldwide
    • スライドBuilding the cloud
    • スライドVerizon Global Wholesale Offerings
    • スライドExpanded Portfolio: VZC digital media services
    • スライドTrust: Gating Factor to Success
    • スライドVZC-Class Service (2700 - Cities in 150 nations)

Beyond Cloud Ready: Building a Cloud Infrastructure for a Manageable, Billable Cloud 9:20 AM–10:20 AM

  • Service providers have capitalized on their existing data centers and global IP networks to roll out cloud services, in some cases partnering with other infrastructure and networking providers. Going forward, as cloud computing becomes more widely deployed, service providers need to achieve greater integration and efficiency for their cloud offerings. This panel will look at what telecom network operators need to do to prepare and manage their networks, including breaking down internal barriers between the network transport and IT functions of the carrier operation, as well as opening up to third-party application providers, designing billing systems for pay-as-you-go charging models, and preparing back-office operations to deliver on SLAs for cloud customers.
    • 1)Moderator - Ari Banerjee, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading
    • 2)Panelist - Scott Cain, Head Global Portfolio Manager, BT
    • 3)Panelist - Ken Cheng, VP, Service Provider Products, Brocade
    • 4)Panelist - Steven Shalita, Vice President of Marketing, NetScout Systems, Inc.
    • 5)Panelist - Paul Hughes, Director, Product Marketing, Oracle
    • 席順3)5)1)2)4)
  • BT Global Services
    • スライド 4 Sector
    • スライド Four way Matrixed approach
    • スライド Understanding customer challenges…
    • スライド Solution (3 layer, SaaS, CaaS, IaaS)
    • スライド Global Banking and Finance
    • スライド CPG model
    • スライド Brocade at a Glance
  • Brocade
    • スライド Brocade CloudPlex Architecture… Key is Ethernet Fabric
  • Oracle
    • スライド To Succeed in Cloud
    • スライド Cloud Mechanisms: Monetization
    • スライド Billing as a Core
  • NetScout Systems
    • スライド Who's next?
    • スライド Service Delivery become more Unified
    • スライド Meeting the service delivery challenge
    • スライド Blended Service Models
    • スライド Complexity Impacts Manageability
    • スライド What's needed for today's Cloud DC
    • スライド Unified Service Delivery Management

Enterprise Perspective on Cloud 10:35 AM–10:55 AM

  • Speaker - Randy Bias, Co-Founder and CTO, Cloudscaling
    • スライド Cloud technology
    • スライド IT disruption phases
    • スライド What does an enterprise cloud look like?
    • スライド Fundamental Assumption (AWS cannot fit enterprise cloud needs!)
    • スライド But enterprise love commodity cloud …AWS
    • スライド the enterprise 'No Clothes' moment
    • スライド Commodity Clouds are winner.
      • mainframe re-hosting service in Korea

Executive Roundtable Panel 10:55 AM–11:55 AM

  • Service providers are tailoring their cloud services strategies to the needs of their enterprise IT customers. This panel will focus on what enterprise IT executives are saying they need today, how cloud service fit into their overall strategy and what their greatest concerns about cloud-based services are.
    • Moderator - Carol Wilson, Chief Editor, Events, Light Reading
    • Panelist - Mark Thiele, VP Data Center Strategy, ServiceMesh
    • Panelist - Arturo Pereyra, Senior Director, Marketing and Business Development, Oracle
    • Panelist - Will Scott, Global Director, Managed Services, Cisco

Keynote 11:55 AM–12:15 PM

  • Keynote Speaker - Mike Marcellin, VP Strategy and Marketing, Network Systems Group, Juniper Networks

Building a Secure, High-Performance Cloud Service 1:15 PM–2:15 PM

  • The earliest cloud offerings were Web-based services, but as telecom service providers move into the cloud, they are promising to bring more secure services, safe from possible intrusion or data breaches; better guaranteed service quality and SLAs; and broader global footprint and integration with IP transport. This panel will look at the infrastructure service providers need to build in order to deliver on those promises and to differentiate their services in both their quality and the functionality offered.
    • Moderator - Carol Wilson, Chief Editor, Events, Light Reading
    • Panelist - Dean Sheffield, Global Managing Director for Cloud Networking, Juniper Networks
    • Panelist - Ken Cheng, VP, Service Provider Products, Brocade
    • Panelist - Jurrie van den Breekel, Product Marketing Manager, Spirent Communications
    • Panelist - Will Scott, Global Director, Managed Services, Cisco

A Conversation with Carriers 2:15 PM–2:35 PM

  • In this session, Carol Wilson will interview two top service providers, uncovering their specific real-world experience offering cloud-based services, including business, technology and strategic challenges.
    • Moderator - Carol Wilson, Chief Editor, Events, Light Reading
    • Panelist - Doug Junkins, CTO, NTT America
    • Panelist - Scott Cain, Head Global Portfolio Manager, BT

Monetizing the Cloud: Turning XaaS-Related Services Into a Profitable Business 2:50 PM–4:00 PM

  • Service providers see cloud computing as a new opportunity for adding value to their IP transport offerings. For this new opportunity to generate profits, however, service providers must be able to differentiate their services, package them with user-friendly SLAs, and deliver robust services without major customization requirements. Many will also want to develop a portfolio of XaaS offerings including security, storage, software, and applications, all of which can be packaged with IP transport services or with other managed services. This panel will explore how cloud-based services will evolve to be profit engines of the future, including the possibility of industry-specific vertical offerings, as well as ways to make better service translate into market success.
    • Moderator - Ari Banerjee, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading
    • Panelist - Doug Junkins, CTO, NTT America
    • Panelist - John Zanni, VP Service Provider Marketing & Alliances, Parallels
    • Panelist - Marc Hayden, EVP, Client Services Business Unit, CHR Solutions
    • Panelist - Sal DeSimone?, VP/CTO, Infrastructure Management Group, EMC
    • Panelist - Jennifer Madeline, Director, Solution Architecture – North America, Amdocs

Analyst Wrap-Up

  • 4:00 PM–4:30 PM
  • A panel of industry analysts in the cloud computing and managed services space will debate and discuss potential roadblocks to cloud computing success, the breadth of the market opportunity and the chances telecom service providers can succeed in competing with Web-based companies, large system integrators and other competitors in providing outsourced corporate IT services.
    • Moderator - Carol Wilson, Chief Editor, Events, Light Reading
    • Panelist - Ari Banerjee, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading
    • Panelist - Agatha Poon, Research Manager, Global Cloud Computing, Tier1 Research