Brocade Tech Summit

  • 2011/05/03 at HQ San Jose

Opening by John McHugh?, CMO

  • DC is key of next gen, new IT eco-system.
    • End node integration, connect / Understand DC infrastructure (Quality…) / DC become service provider. > 3 main points
    • Forces are causing a deconstruction of IT Models ; Mobile explosion, data anywhere, virtualization.
    • Sprawl case; traditional DC(Low utilization, Server sprawl, complicated backup and recovery) > Cloud DC (High utilization, simple backup, server integration)
    • mainframe>Mini con> Client/server> Utility computing> data center virtualization> Virtual enterprise
    • CloudPlex? Architecture by Brocade //
    • last year "Brocade One Strategy"

FC Fabric products by

  • Server Virtualization adoption (86% of server workload will be virtualized by 2018)
    • 95% of shipment is Gbit > Fiber channel is main player in storage
    • VDI adoption ; 10-15% of all enterprise end point
    • The I/O bottleneck ; 175x CPU, 1.3x spinning media performance improvement > emerging technologies are solid state disks (SSD)
    • transition to private cloud architecture; private cloud attribute
    • demands on storage fabrics; see sride
  • Data Center; Fiber Channel Fabrics & Ethernet Fabrics
    • Brocade is leader of FC fabrics; in 15 years
    • New products; Cloud Optimized SANs
      • DCX 8510 backbone; 384 16Gbps port 512 8Gbps ports
      • 6510 Switch for SME
      • Advanced diagnostics, monitoring and automation; simplifying fabric management
  • Protecting customer investments
    • existing Brocade DCX chassis are field-upgradeable to 16Gbps and all new services
      • 1860 Fabric Adapter; Universal HBA+CAN+NIC

Ethernet Fabric; Doug Ingraham, VP, Products Mgr

  • what's Ethernet fabric; Resilient, Massive, High performance, inherently flat
    • not all fabric are equal; manual configuration, Rigid topologies, Inadequate resiliency, chassis are not fabrics, port extender are not fabrics
    • Brocade ether fabric; start shipping in 2010, see photo
      • VDX 6720 data center switch
  • <De Persgroep NV story>
  • Next wave of Ethernet fabrics; lunching in 2011
    • Increasing the scale, No-effort deployment, Indstry-standard management interfaces, comprehensive storage support with connectivity for FC, FCoE, iSCSI, and NAS
    • Brocade network advisor enhancement;
      • Virtual machine and port level view, Flexible policy-based management, peace of mind with advanced diagnostics, Powerful fine-grain role base access control, trending analysis with real time and historical performance level

Service Provider by Ken Cheng, VP

  • general; Video growth in net
  • Cloud enables paradigm shift
    • Service provider transformation; PE(provider edge) router integrate into DCR(Data Center router) new architecture
    • software-defiend openflow-enabled networking; Hyper-scale data center, flow management, network virtualization
    • Key products; MLXe series router

Private and Public cloud by Keith Stewart, Drctr, Prod. Mgr.

  • trend; migration to the cloud, Web 2.0 and application disaggregation, IPv6 and new internet > need new Application delivery switches;
  • IPv6 world; go pragmatic view
    • とても面白いプレゼン。写真を参照し要まとめ。

Technology trend by Dave CTO

  • Oracle DC come Ohio to valley, basic is internet effects;
    • Application and contents are networked and converged.
    • CloudPlex? architecture for all type of cloud.; fabrics, globalization, Open
      • fabrics go flat and fast.; change of application nature.; > Brocade Ethernet fabric architecture is flat.

Q&A session