• 2008年6月16日から19日まで、ラスベガス・コンベンション・センターで開催

【NXTcomm Enterprise Executive Summit by Yankee Group 2008/6/16】

The Network as Platform in gaming and hospitality:カジノのITシステム

  • Mike Day
  • All system start from proprietary→IT is cost, no adding Value!!
  • Now change→高いスロット、良い顧客をリアルタイムでチェック、酒などのサービスを提供。逆に、怪しい客や馬鹿アタリの客には監視カメラを集中
  • パーソナライズが鍵。カジノカードはカスタマーのすべての行動を把握できる。100万ドルのIT投資は、大きくない。忙しいカジノ時間、システムが3時間ダウンすれば100万ドルの損失。
  • これからの課題:現在のProprietary Protocolでは、ネット上のコンテンツを利用できないので、今後はOpen Protocol化してゆきたい。

Network is a platform (Inbra Lasser-Raab、Cisco Systems)

  • Coca-Colaのピッキング精度は83%程度だった。システムをSOA化し、物流倉庫に音声認識(VXML)を導入。フォークリフトのオペレーターは、所定のスロットにつくと「何をいくつピックアップし、どこのロットに置くべきか」を音声指示で受け取る。→おかげで精度は99.3%になった。

Carriers and the Future of On-Demand Computing←重要

  • Christopher Gesell, Global Director Product Marketing, Verizon Business
  • Business Trend
    • The World is Flat:中国は世界の工場、インドは世界のバックオフィース
      • Global Supply Chain, Global Work Force, Global Competition, Constant Access to Information
    • Accelerated Business
      • Informed Business Decisions
      • Improve the Customer Experience
      • Rapid Deployment of Global Infrastructure
      • Rapid Deployment of New Services
    • Lower Cost IT
      • On-Demand Moving Through the Entire IT Stack
      • Avoid Large Capital Expenditures
      • Pay for What You Use
      • Lower Cost Delivery Models Win
    • Green IT
      • Reduce Carbon Footprint
      • Efficiencies of IT Systems
      • Data Centers Becoming Green Aware
      • Transfer Carbon Footprint
    • The Enterprise IT Challenge
      • Application Infrastructure is capital intensive and complex
      • Underutilized. (IT資源は20%から50%しか利用されておらず、後はアイドリング。オンディマンド化は必至)
      • Enterprise Class Hardware
      • Difficult to Scale
      • Need a Feature, Buy a Box
      • Complex and difficult to manage
    • VZB On-Demand Computing Vision

      Embedding On Demand Computing centers into our global IP backbone will create an on-demand platform that delivers our next generation application and performance management solutions. By converging computing and the network, Verizon Business will manage in a real time fashion the capacity, performance and availability of infrastructure and applications for the enterprises we serve.

      • Targeted Early Adopters
        • Industries with high variability or seasonality in their computing needs
        • Disaster Recovery initiatives
        • Medium to large enterprises with larger pools on non mission critical systems
        • Enterprise struggling to effectively charge back business units for the IT resources they consume
      • Why the Carriers (キャリアの強み)
        • Build it and they will come
        • Understand Capacity Management(データセンター設備の信頼性)
        • Global Infrastructure(グローバル・リーチ)
        • Financial Strength(財務的な安定性)
        • VZBは世界に200カ所のデータセンターを持つ。2010年から2015年の世界を考えると、データセンターのオンディマンドは重要。
      • Leveraging Our Assets for On-Demand
        • End-to-End Infrastructure Visibility
        • Near Real Time Capacity Management
        • Long History in Providing Metered Services
      • On-Demand Computing New Operational Model
        • VZBではAWAREをキーコンポーネントとして開発している。AWAREとはAdvanced Workflow Automation Resource Engineの略称。
        • 全世界に30カ所ぐらいのキーになるデータセンターがある。そのうち5カ所を2009年までにスマート・データセンター(On-Demand Data Center)にする。
      • On-Demand Computing Conceptual Overview
        • Self provisioning in the user portal
        • Automated provisioning
        • Multi-OS and application support(オンディマンドでは、Linux(Red Hut)とウィンドスOSのサポートが重要)
        • Orchestration across network, server and storage

      • Platform Designed to Meet Enterprise Needs
        • A highly resilient On-Demand computing infrastructure that enables enterprises to employ computing resources in the quantities and durations dictated by their business
          Business ApplicationVirtualDedicated VirtualPhysical
          Staging Development重要重要
          Brand Web site重要重要
      • A New Way to Consume Infrastructure
        Operational Use of Computing resources physical and virtualCustomers' content and data resides on platform with a configuration template
        Comprehensive SLA'sMonthly charge for subscription
        Rapid deployment of additional resourcesSLA on Provisioning only
        Measured daily
      • Computing-as-a-Service
        • Positions Verizon Business as a Global IT Utility delivering integrated on-demand infrastructure services

          Verizon Business is redefining the delivery of computing power to enterprises over the world's most powerful global IP network. The Computing-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform delivers a highly resilient On-Demand computing infrastructure that enables enterprises to employ computing resources in the quantities and duration dictated by their business

          • Verizon Business Differentiators
            • A.W.A.R.E Core Provides Orchestration on Commodity Hardware (Provides lower total cost of ownership to drive competitive advantage)
            • More than just Virtualization (Physical servers for higher I/O applications、Servers that can be bridged to existing infrastructure)
            • Simplified Provisioning & Contracting (Leverage SaaS experience to deliver on-demand computing through a portal with subscription pricing)
            • Unmatched Capabilities in Converged IT and Network Solutions (Professional Services, IT Service Desk, Application Acceleration, PIP, MNS etc.)
            • Global Delivery (Leverages global Data Center footprint and delivery capability)
            • Flexibility & Extensibility (In future, can be extend to other platforms including UNIX)