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Mamegami practices English here. Mamegami would love to hear from and you are welcome to correct any mistake I make.

This page is also irrelevant to horse races.

Some facial expressions, etc:
&heart; shows [heart],⌣ does [smile],&bigsmile; does [bigsmile],&huh; does [huh],&oh; does [oh] ,&wink; does [wink],and &sad; does [sad].
Though they look like JHSGKE (Japanese High-School Girly Keitai Expression), may thou love those with some fun! Enjoy!!!

Though I am taking a writing course....

まめがみ? (2006-11-12 (日) 00:03:40)

I have not written this writing journal for one month!

So I will write about writing course and speaking course.

There are three students in the writing course. We can sometimes talk each other to check the answers. I feel very good atmosphere in the class. Maybe it is because the class is still at beginning of how to write an essay. Moreover, we seldom have to do homework.

I made a speech last time in a speaking class. It was about my adult experience. About a cappella circle, my part-time job and when I was a witness. My teacher was so surprised to hear that. I think I did a good job. I hope the second time will be good, too.

I still have some homework to do.. See you.


mamegami? (2006-12-06 (水) 00:09:57)


  • thank you for your help Mamiko. It was invaluable and I TRULY appreciated your nice teaching. I think the students relaxed too. Especially Naoko (the one who hugged you after you showed her the thesaurus function). when she finished school, i told her she had made a LOT of progress and i think some of that was thanks to you because you gave her a little more confidence. did you realize that? joyce -- from joyce? 2007-02-11 (日) 16:27:29

Teaching and helping students

Mamegami? (2006-10-11 (水) 13:46:01)

From last week, I have been helping Joyce with teaching on Wednesday in first period. They are making their own wikipages. They write about their hometowns, culture, interests, and hobbies and so on. This is a project to practice writing using wikipages. There are other wikipages of other countries.

They are using 'Wikispace.' It is similar to this ‘Pukiwiki.’ In editing their pages, they have a lot of problems. For example, we can't use an apostrophe in the name of the page. We have to name a new page like ‘Mamegami’s hometown’ to make difference from others. The most important thing is to click SAVE, however; there is ‘history’ page which stores a backup.

My suggestion is to make a note and how to use Wikispace: what they should do, what they cannot do and so on. It is a wikipage. We can edit as we like.

I am going to help teaching next week, too. I feel pleasant when I can teach students or anyone something and see they become able to solve problems.
I like it….

Hard schedule

Mamegami? (2006-10-04 (水) 23:24:52)

I will have a lot of homework this semester. I'm afraid.

But if it is too hard, I can reduce the number of class.

  • クラス減らしてかまって〜♪ -- てび? 2006-10-06 (金) 07:28:36
  • 週に4日はかまえるよ! -- まめたん? 2006-10-10 (火) 22:25:22
  • (*´∀`)きゃ〜♪かまってかまってぇ〜♪ -- てび? 2006-10-11 (水) 00:44:56
  • hi mamiko... i was surprised only at the "HUH"? [huh] i didn't know that one. they are all so cute. where did you find them?--joyce? 2006-10-11 (水) 17:43:56
  • I heard from Mamiko, that you, Joyce, cannot edit this page. So I try to make sure what the hell happens here. -- Cameda? 2006-10-27 (金) 17:38:45
  • Seem no problem though....Macintosh [huh]? -- Cameda? 2006-10-27 (金) 17:39:47


mamegami? (2006-10-03 (火) 11:25:35)

Did anybody delete Joyce's page? Joyce did?

  • Kameda deleted. -- mamegami? 2006-10-03 (火) 21:24:41

New Internet Explorer

mamegami? (2006-10-03 (火) 11:22:29)

We updated Internet Explorer to a new edition. Is there anybody who also updated?

There's so many changes. First, they changed its design. Layout and the design of icons. They look nice, but they also changed the place of button. It was hard to recognize which is which, at first.

Today is the second day to use the new one. So I want to know more about how to use and how it became useful (or not useful...)

  • New IE has so many bugs. It often shuts down. -- Mamegami? 2006-10-09 (月) 12:20:13

Grad School

mamegami? (2006-10-01 (日) 10:29:41)

Tomorrow 2nd semester will begin. I feel the summer vacation was very short this time. I think it's because I had several big event. For example, a cappella live on Aug. 30th, a gospell live on Sep. 9th. For these events, we practiced a lot.
When the second semester begins, I want to start something new or something I used to do: practicing dancing or taking photos. Or, I may start a new part-time job.

Talking about my part-time job, I am going to quit the job at the cram school because of time limitation. I am going to take classes almost everyday evening. Cram schools have classes in the evening, too.

I became a kind of OTSUBONE-sama which means an old woman who have a strong power in the office because I worked for almost three (or four?) years. I enjoyed talking with every student. Now I know how to please them,that is, what kind of topic they like, how to praise or scold. I feel good to become an adult but that means I became old....

Thank you Joyce

Mamiko? (2006-09-26 (火) 10:49:51)

I don't know why but I can't make a comment on your writing below.

Thank you Joyce. I changed.

joyce is poor at kanji

can't read this kanji? (2006-09-25 (月) 19:31:49)

mamiko, why not change the 'poor at writing in english. i like what you wrote above. why not change the wording to mamiko would love to hear from you and you are welcome to correct any mistake I make.

gospel song: Hail Holy Queen

mamegami? (2006-09-23 (土) 15:13:53)

I went to Gumma prefecture with my circle members to practice singing a gospel song, Hail Holy Queen.

The song is about a Queen, Maria. It goes;

"Hail holy queen enthroned above, oh Maria

Hail mother of mercy and of love, oh Maria

Trimph all ye cherubim

Sing with us sweet seraphim

Heaven and earth resound the hymn

Salve salve salve Regina"

I felt as if I were in a church when I heard the introduction of this song. I imagined a goddess enthroned with some angels. It was so impressive as our circle name, impressive voice. [bigsmile]

  • This song is sung in "Sister Act" when Sister Mary Clarence taught Sisters Gospel song for the fisrt time. -- mamegami? 2006-09-23 (土) 15:18:53
  • mamiko: memberS, I like your writing. so THAT's why you went to Gunma. who did you practice with in Gunma other that your circle members? the queen is rather Mary... she is mentioned as queen meaning very loved. just as long as you realize that she was not a true queen but the mother of Jesus Christ. -- from joyce? 2006-09-25 (月) 19:34:30
  • Only circle members practiced the song. We planned to do so. I didn't know who was Maria or Mary at that time. But after returning to Mito, I searched on the web. Now I know. -- Mamiko? 2006-09-26 (火) 10:53:13


Mamegami? (2006-09-17 (日) 22:03:23)

I have my supervisor in Ibaraki grad. She is very warm-hearted and very kind. She helps me a lot. I thank her.

Don't you remember you told me you love me baby〜♪
No. This is "Superstar" by Capentars.

Today I went to school to do my homework and some other works. After I finished my work, I cleaned grad room using a vacuum-cleaner. I had been thinking that the grad room is very dirty. There were a lot of dusts. I was waiting for the chance to clean.
While cleaning the room, I also cleaned the inside of the vacuum-cleaner.

After cleaning, I got very hungry. I wanted to eat dinner in my home but I wondered if my supervisor was in her room or not. I looked up her room at the sixth floor. The lights were on.

I decided to visit her office with Mr Kameda and bring some food to eat with her. She was very glad to have some. We talked about an hour. I enjoyed listening to their talking.

  • ・・・オチは? -- てび? 2006-09-18 (月) 15:16:52
  • Not a ham. -- mamegami? 2006-09-18 (月) 22:12:03
  • You're welcome, Joyce. we are glad to help you with wikis. We can study wikis, too. -- mamiko? 2006-09-27 (水) 11:29:30

hmmm, i just included comments in the other section but this part disappeared so i will try again. I think the kind-hearted person was YOU. I was absolutely starving when you both came and you saved my life. It was also pleasant to sit there and talk with you both. Thanks for your KIND offer for help with Wikis!!!!!

To plan transfering from Ibaraki grad to Tsukuba grad

Mamegami? (2006-09-15 (金) 13:22:02)

I am just planning and preparing for an exam. I don't know if I can pass the exam. It seems difficult.

If I went to Tsukuba grad school, it would cost some money, for entrance FEES and for moving.

  • to be continued... -- mamegami? 2006-09-15 (金) 13:22:21
  • Hope we don't lose you here at Ibadai Mamiko but i can understand and respect your wish. but... hope we don't lose you. it must be a lot of pressure. are you learning a lot of new things? are you at least enjoying some of the new info? -- from joyce? 2006-09-25 (月) 19:41:20

Hope we don't lose you here at Ibadai Mamiko but i can understand and respect your wish. but... hope we don't lose you. it must be a lot of pressure. are you learning a lot of new things? are you at least enjoying some of the new info? joyce

Trivia - Spam and ham

Mamegami? (2006-09-06 (水) 13:28:11)

 Mr. Kameda taught ME this.

 Spam means spiced ham. It looks or tastes like ham but is not a ham. I have seen one in a supermarket but have never eaten it. (For the proofreaders, is writing only "spam" correct? Spam is uncountable in progressive English-Japanese distionary. )

 Therefore, spam mail is fake and irritating mail. Not a ham.

English composition

Mamegami? (2006-08-25 (金) 21:40:21)

I'm not good at writing English compositions, actually in Japanese, too. Therefore, I decided to read a manual about English composition. I searched on the net, found one and printed it out. But the manual was for scientific people.

Kameda told me that I should just keep writing because I am just not used to writing in English. I guess what I can do now is to trust him and keep writing; however, I am looking for a proper text book.

  • Mamiko, i have several books on writing in English if you want to borrow them. Why do you call him Kameda? Why don't you use his first name since you are goooood friends? -- from joyce? 2006-09-25 (月) 19:47:27
  • yes, I want to read the book. The reason why I call him Kameda is ... Maybe it's the Japanese way of calling one's husband in public. We haven't got married, though. -- mamiko? 2006-09-27 (水) 11:33:03
  • It's the German way. -- Kameda? 2006-09-27 (水) 11:37:04

Gospel lesson.

Mamegami? (2006-08-25 (金) 21:33:27)

Mamegami is taking a gospel lesson near Mito station.
I have 2 lessons in a month. In Setember, we will participate in a big concert in Yokohama.

But, I skipped a lesson yesterday. Am I getting behind? Maybe yes.
I should practice by myself for the concert.

My electric dictionary.

Mamegami? (2006-08-22 (火) 18:25:18)

I got a new electric dictionary from my father the other day. He didn't know that I had one already. The new one has more functions than the old one; however, the new one doesn't have a Chinese dictionary.

I felt as if I had been INVOLVED IN A love affair WITH another dictionary. I felt sorry for the old one. I continued to use the old one.

Yesterday, it happened ALL OF a sudden. The old one stopped displayING; that is, it had a breakdown.

I feel very sorry. I don't love the new one so much even if my father bought for me.

  • It still have a breakdown. I have to ask a repariment. -- mamiko? 2006-09-28 (木) 08:03:05

THIS is so cute. did it have a mental breakdown? died of a broken heart? it's hard to switch, desu ne?

Mamegami is going to write about "favorite sport"

Mamegami? (2006-08-22 (火) 00:25:32)

I am good at sports, especially THOSE USING a ball: tennis, table tennis, and so on.
On the other hand, I don't like playing individual sports.

to be continued...

Maybe you are a people person. (you like team sports and being with people) joyce

In this page...

Mamegami? (2006-08-21 (月) 18:40:49)

I practice writing in English to improve my English writing skill.
My practice plans are;

Writing my diary
Writing some definitions
Writing my opinion

anything else?

  • Writing a summary -- mamiko? {2006-08-22 (火) 23:39:07};

Nice to meet you.

Mamegami? (2006-08-21 (月) 18:37:16)

My name is Mamegami. I'm from Japan.
I like tennis. Nice to meet you.