sdlbasic関係のリンクページのリスト The great start! Thanks Vroby! sdlBasic core - Thanks David Cuny! My personal web-page about wxBasic (just like this one). Repository of open-source games, like TuxRacer?, CrackAttack?, FrozenBubble? and others. Who knows in near future will be sdlBasic games in websites like this? Interesting project from MIT about simple and impressive open-source multimedia ideas (mainly Java). Aminet - very interesting repository - surely not only for Amiga users! (stuff mainly compressed in .lzh (.lha) and PowerPacker? formats - the most popular in the Amiga world at 90s) Interesting stuff made on ActiveBasic? (specially Parasoru) - surely stuff like found there can really rocks on sdlBasic!!! More japanese stuff - this time made with HotSoupProcessor? (a script language looking like between Ansi-Basic and C, coming from the NEC-PC98 time) - webpage from the author of some interesting msx-konami clones to w32 like Manesis and Tokimeki Knightmare. Until now, the best game remakes from MSX originals coded using SDL libraries - very in the way the games can be easily done on sdlBasic.