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12.5. Mac OS

MPlayerはバージョン10よりも前のMac OSでは動かないが、Mac OS X 10.2以降ではそのままコンパイルできるように作られている。推奨コンパイラはApple版GCC3.x以降。Mac OS X 10.3.9 以降では、QuickTime 7があればmacosx video output driverが利用可能だ。

12.5.1. MPlayer OS X GUI

You can get a native GUI for MPlayer together with precompiled MPlayer binaries for Mac OS X from the MPlayerOSX project, but be warned: that project is not active anymore.

Fortunately, MPlayerOSX has been taken over by a member of the MPlayer team. Preview releases are available from our download page and an official release should arrive soon.

In order to build MPlayerOSX from source yourself, you need the mplayerosx, the main and a copy of the main CVS module named main_noaltivec. mplayerosx is the GUI frontend, main is MPlayer and main_noaltivec is MPlayer built without AltiVec support.

To check out CVS modules use:

cvs login
cvs -z3 co -P mplayerosx
cvs -z3 co -P main

In order to build MPlayerOSX you will need to set up something like this:

  |--->main           (MPlayer CVS source)
  |--->main_noaltivec (MPlayer CVS source configured with --disable-altivec)
  |--->mplayerosx     (MPlayer OS X CVS source)

You first need to build main and main_noaltivec.

Next, set a global variable:


Then, configure:

If you configure for a G4 or later CPU with AltiVec support, do as follows:

./configure --with-termcaplib=ncurses.5 --disable-gl --disable-x11

If you configure for a G3-powered machine without AltiVec, use:

./configure --with-termcaplib=ncurses.5 --disable-gl --disable-x11

You may need to edit config.mak and change -mcpu and -mtune from 74XX to G3.

Continue with


then go to the mplayerosx directory and type

make dist

This will create a compressed .dmg archive with the ready to use binary.

You can also use the Xcode 2.1 project; the old project for Xcode 1.x does not work anymore.