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Doc / windows
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12.4. Windows

12.4.1. Cygwin

You need to run Cygwin 1.5.0 or later in order to compile MPlayer.

DirectX header files need to be extracted to /usr/include/ or /usr/local/include/.

Instructions and files for making SDL run under Cygwin can be found on the libsdl site.

12.4.2. MinGW

Installing a version of MinGW that could compile MPlayer used to be quite tricky, but it works out of the box now. Just install MinGW 3.1.0 or later and MSYS 1.0.9 or later and tell the MSYS postinstall that MinGW is installed.

Extract DirectX header files to /mingw/include/.

MOV compressed header support requires zlib, which MinGW does not provide by default. Configure it with --prefix=/mingw and install it before compiling MPlayer.

Complete instructions for building MPlayer and necessary libraries can be found in the MPlayer MinGW HOWTO.