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2006-10-11 (水) 00:08:36更新

3.5. Remote streams

3.5.1. Compiling the server

After having compiled MPlayer go to the TOOLS/netstream directory and enter make to build the server binary. You can then copy the netstream binary to the right place on your system (usually /usr/local/bin on Linux).

3.5.2. Using remote streams

First you have to start the server on the computer you intend to remotely access. Currently the server is very basic and does not have any commands line arguments so just enter netstream. Now you can for example play the second track of a VCD on the server with :

mplayer -cache 5000 mpst://servername/vcd://2

You can also access files on this server :

mplayer -cache 5000 mpst://servername//usr/local/movies/lol.avi

Note that paths which aren't starting with a / will be relative to the directory where the server is running. The -cache option is not needed but highly recommended.

Be aware that currently the server is not secure at all. So do not complain about the numerous exploits which are possible through this. Instead send some (good) patch to make it better or start writing your own server.