シングル用 / 書物


A Bestiary of Ashan


A book about Ashan creatures’ weakness

Our recent study of Ashan fauna gave us an interesting account of the creatures weaknesses. For instance, while most of the basic creatures like Spiders are very vulnerable to fire and will avoid it, creatures with a demonic taint like the Orcs or the Goblins are naturally more resistant to fire. They are , however, as vulnerable to lightning as anyone else. Undead are a different matter; having no concept of fear or injury they are difficult to defeat.

However a fortunate adventurer may find blessed weapons, crafted from the very substance of dragons, that do great damage to these creatures.



A book about demons


Gorada Rael

… Those who dwell in the Otherworld come from a realm of heat and flame, a kingdom where the body has no meaning in a sea of endless pain. It is a bottomless pit of constant consumption, a parasite among worlds lacking the life to sustain itself. Its inhabitants and the very fabric of its weave are eternally hungry, driven without reprieve to draw their sustenance from elsewhere lest they devour themselves and wink out of existence.

Tragically, a foolish conjurer tried to bring forth a power from the Otherworld at some point in the distant past, granting the demons a glimpse of our plane. Now they lust for the energy, the vitality, the stability that we take for granted. They scratch and claw at the corners of our world, seeking a way to escape their own and feast here anew. Yet through the efforts of the Seventh Dragon, those who dared sojourn into our world are imprisoned forever, bound by sacred magicks and held powerless through the ages.

But there is a means of escape, even if they are merely phantoms and spirits in our world. The weak of will, the cowardly and the simple, the foolish and the greedy – all of these can volunteer to let a demon spirit inhabit their flesh. The demon promises power, glory, and other favors, but the bargain is a hellish one indeed. Those weak souls who agree are as kindling to them, firing an inner conflagration that leaves the person’s gutted shell hosting the demon in a permanent form upon our lands. Such an abomination is powerful, deadly and desperate, for it will do anything, offer anything, and kill anyone in order to avoid being stricken from this plane. Beware the whispers of these succubi, for they offer nothing but the flame and the pit.



しかし、たとえその者たちが我々の世界では単なる霊や魂にすぎなくとも、彼らがその状態から抜け出す手段は存在する。意思の弱さ、臆病さ、そして単純さ、愚かさと欲張り - これら全てが悪魔の魂を彼らの肉体に戻す手助けする。悪魔は力、栄光、そしてその他様々な望みを約束する。しかしその契約は本当に地獄のようなものだ。契約を結んでしまうような弱い精神は彼らにとって焚き付けのようなものであり、内なる業火を巻き起こしてその者の腸を焼き尽くし、悪魔をこの世界に永遠に留まらせるための抜け殻に変えてしまう。こうして現れた醜悪なるものは強力で、きわめて危険であり、自暴自棄である。彼らはあらゆる事をし、あらゆる物を提供し、あらゆる人を殺してまでこの世界からはじき出されまいとするのだ。これら悪魔のささやきに気をつけよ、奴らが与えるものは炎と墓穴だけだ。

A Guide to the Arcane


A small tome explaining the use of Magic

You have chosen the noblest and most demanding of ways, wizardly adepts, and it is to you that this text is dedicated. You have evolved far beyond simple swordplay or sneaking about; you have mastered the very forces of creation to bring down ruin upon those who would dare to oppose you. Your mind, your will, are the wellsprings from which your success will grow.

Think before you strike: measure well your target and the impact it will have. Ice can be as great an ally as Fire: though to some, such as Orcs and Goblins, Lightning is a more reliable path. May the blessings of Asha be upon you; may the wisdom of Sar-Elam guide your steps.



A Note

A Guard's note; signed 'Garth'

I was thinking about Leanna again. Like always, I guess. But she's so pretty, and so nice! And her uncle says that she'll be a great wizard, like he is. I think I'm going to ask her to marry me. Not today, though. But maybe this war will give me a chance to be a hero and prove myself to her.

俺はまたリアナのことを考えている。たぶん、ほとんどいつも。彼女はなんて可愛くて、なんて素晴らしいんだ! そして彼女の叔父は、彼女が、彼のような優れたウィザードになるだろうと言っていた。俺は彼女に結婚を申し込むつもりだ。しかし今日じゃない。たぶんこの闘いが俺に英雄になり、彼女にそれを証明する機会を与えてくれるだろう。

A Note


Orc note

Left antidotes to spiders poison here in chest. Locked chest because stupid Goblins nearby.


A simple note


A note about spiders

Note to self: Make a request to approve extermination of vermin on temple grounds. There are spiders everywhere, some of them as big as your head! I’ll never understand how such an ‘advanced’ culture could venerate those horrid beasts.

自分のためのメモ:寺院の敷地で害獣の根絶を承認を要請をした。そこら中に蜘蛛がいる。それらの中にはお前の頭より大きなものもいる! 私は、そのような『進歩した』文化がどうしてそんな恐ろしい獣を崇拝することになったのか、まったく理解できない。

A Partial History of the Noble Order of Necromantic Sorcerers’


We were formed from the schisms that broke the unity of the followers of Sar-Elam; though all swore to cleave to his principles few had the discipline to do so. Upon his death, then, the disciples fragmented. Many, led by Sar-Shazzar, his most gifted pupil, settled in a place they named the Seven Cities.

7 4 YSD: The Mysterious Death of Sar-Shazzar

Sar-Shazzar died in his sleep; when we attempted to move his body to the Necropolis it crumbled to ashes.

461 YSD: The Discovery of Necromancy

Belketh, wisest of the many who claimed to follow Sar-Shazzar, uncovered wonders previously hidden in the teachings of Asha. He showed to a loyal few the path of Necromancy.

461-660 YSD: The Rise of the Necromancers

And so it was for a period of time that our presence blossomed and we became a powerful force in the Seven Cities.

751-770 YSD: Treachery

The Wizards grew jealous of the powers we wielded; in their ignorance they tried to cast us out. But we do not bow lightly, and bloody civil war followed. Towers were cast down, armies of our loyal ones marched, and sheets of flame scoured the land. The realm of the Wizards was not more and the survivors fled to set up a new ‘Empire’; a pale imitation of what once was. We found our own solace in a hand called Heresh, building cities and workshop to rival even those of the Seven Cities that stood no more.

Since that day our hatred of the Wizards knows no bounds; we shall return one day to bend them to the way of the Spider Goddess.|


7 4 YSD: サー・シャザールの不可解な死


461 YSD: 死霊術の発見


461-660 YSD: ネクロマンサーの高まり


751-770 YSD: 裏切り

ウィザードたちは我々が行使した力をねたむようになった。彼らは無知で、我々を排除しようとした。しかし我々は軽々しく頭をさげなかった。そして、血なまぐさい内紛へと続いた。塔は打ち倒され、我々の忠実な軍隊は行進し、炎の広がりは大地を一掃した。ウィザードの支配地域はもはやなく、生存者は新しい『帝国』 - かつて存在したものの青白いまがい物 - を建てるために逃げ出した。我々は手中に慰めを見つけ出した。もはや存在しないセブン・シティ(七の街)に匹敵するような、ヘレシュと呼ばれる街と研究所を建設した。


Arachnophilic Temple Cliff Site - Official Expedition logbook

蜘蛛寺院崖地域 - 公式遠征日誌

Entries maintained by Overseer Garan

988 YSD

Month of the Crystal Tears, 27th

Despite the collapsed sections of the temple mount along the cliff side, our team has finally accessed the upper temple thanks to the discovery of a natural joint fissure in the cliff face.

Initial surveys of the top of the central tower suggest that the astral channeling system lacks an eldritch power source at the cap of the shaft.

Mount of the ropes to the upper temple snapped while hoisting surveying equipment shortly after highsun. Sadly, Apprentice Darcia was caught underneath the surveying equipment and was killed instantly.

With luck, the joint fissure in the cliff face may prove wide enough to install a lift for larger equipment and safer travel to the upper temple.

Month of the Crystal Tears, 30th

Out survey teams have detected a magical energy source similar to the one in the temple’s aura. There must be some sort of immensely powerful crystal inside the vault on the northern branch of the upper temple. Unfortunately, the vault is guarded by numerous traps.

Month of the Dancing Flames, 2nd

Lady Leanna has returned with materials for the lift and word from Master Menelag on how to proceed as regards the buried crystal. Apparently Master Menelag feels the dig site has proven too costly in terms of lives, and will seek counsel back in the city before we proceed.

Month of the Dancing Flames, 3rd

When surveying the central tower shaft, journeyman Largo’s anchor pulled free from some rotten masonry. He fell over 80 meters to his death. Lady Leanna is presiding over the funerary services in his absence.

Month of the Dancing Flames, 5th

The Lady Leanna has made significant progress on her research into the Ritual of Command utilized in opening the crypts.

Month of the Dancing Flames, 13th

The lifts using Master Menelag’s levitation devices have been installed at several points along the cliff face to aid in transporting larger equipment to the upper temple.

Month of the Dancing Flames, 17th

Lady Leanna left for home to resupply, and to recruit reinforcements. They are due to return in several days.

Month of the Dancing Flames, 21st

Apparently one of the local goblin tribes is squatting in the ruins on the far side of the ridge. Captain Jensen and Master Tergon have left to retrieve an extra complement of guards to deal with the potential disturbance.

Month of the Dancing Flames, 24th

This day has been a disaster. The entire lower camp has been slaughtered, and our prospects look grim. My best guess is that there were more of the goblins than we imagined, and they overwhelmed the sentries before they could sound the alarm. Those few of us working up on the cliff managed to jam the lifts in time to protect the upper temple. We then barricaded ourselves here inside the acolytes’ quarters. Cordo and Hestia are wounded and bleeding badly. There is nothing I can do for them, and I do not think they will last the night. I pray we can hold out until Lady Leanna or Master Tergon return with help.

Month of the Dancing Flame, 26th

We have gone from the crucible into the flames. Neither Lady Leanna nor Master Tergon have returned, and to make matters worse a force of Orcs have slaughtered the Goblins. They have lit a flame beneath the acolyte’s quarters, and have thrown noxious herbs on the fire. I fear we are to be poisoned. The fumes are filling the room but we cannot leave lest we expose ourselves to their archers. The very air grows thick and noisome…


988 YSD
























Arantir’s journal


…So I have opened a portal between Nar-Heresh and Stonehelm, and used the word ‘Khar’, which means ‘Skull’ in the ancient Shantiri language, to unlock its power. As is proper. For deep within the heart of Stonehelm lies a Necropolis, as old and a venerable as any in this world. Normally I would take my pleasure there; venerate the dead, study their secrets, explore the wisdom of the ancient embalmers.

Alas, such is not to be my fortune this time. For there I must invoke the power of the Skull to summon Death’s own avatar.

May my efforts be worthy of Asha’s praise; may the sacrifice of the living souls of Stonehelm be sufficient to imprison Kha-Beleth until that day when the world is remade.




Arantir’s memories


Some lines from Arantir. Nothing interesting regarding his forthcoming plan… (double click to read it)

The Path of Bones

Those who fear death and fools. Those who fear death stand against us. Those who fear death will throw every barrier in our way, fight until the last breaths in their weakening bodies, strive against the embracing darkness until it overwhelms them. Such effort is noble, and yet they are still fools. For ours is the true path. All roads lead to darkness and death, and it is better to welcome it with joy, to purge one’s self of passions through death and re-emerge, stronger than before. Ours is the pure death, and we fight always against the infernal contagion. For centuries we have striven against the demon-tainted who pollute the very earth with their presence, and sought to bar the way against the Demon Sovereign’s return. Mighty was the prison woven by the Seventh Dragon, and yet it was weakened by treachery, flawed by deceit. One day, it is prophesied, the son of the Demon Sovereign may yet restore his father to a throne of rotting flesh and fire. And so we have sought to shatter this prophecy. The Skull of Shadows, ancient artifact of the Seventh Dragon, contains his hoary power. It can be used by the unrighteous to open the way, or by the pure of purpose to seal it forever with the power of death. This has always been our purpose. We shall carry the Skull of Shadows beneath the very feet of the demon-tainted, for yes, even through the centuries the demons have had their agents among the workers of sorcery and spells. We shall bear it to the throbbing heart of their corrupt city and there draw forth its power. It will open the door between life and death. The air will grow thin, the mountains weak, the seas drain away. None will be able to stand before it and the thousands who dwell in the corrupt city, the vassals and servants and beasts of the field, and shall perish. Their souls will be embraced by oblivion, devoured and transformed. And from this seed of destruction shall grow a new prison for demonkind, eternal and unyielding. The very souls of destroyed will guard them and bind them, howling their imprisonment for all eternity. This is our task. This is our path. This is our sacred mission. All who tread the Path of Bones must swear to serve this goal unyielding, and to make any sacrifice to ensure its consummation. For if we fail, the Demon Sovereign will rise again, and terrible will be his wrath.


死を恐れる者たちと愚か者たち。死を恐れる者たちは、我々と対立する。死を恐れる者たちは我々の道にあらゆる障害を投げかけ、彼らの貧弱な体の中の最後の一息まで戦い、それが彼らを圧倒するまで闇を受け入れることに抵抗する。そのような努力はたいしたものだが、それでも彼らは愚か者だ。我々の道が真の道だ。全ての道が闇と死に至り、それを喜びと共に受け入れた方が良い。死を通して自らの情熱を一掃し、以前より強く再生するために。我々のものは純粋な死だ。そして、我々は常に地獄の影響と戦っている。我々は何世紀もの間、その存在で大地を汚染する悪魔の害毒と戦い、悪魔の君主の復活を塞ぐための道を探してきた。強力な牢獄はSeventh Dragonによって組まれたが、それは裏切りによって弱められ、策略によって傷ついた。それは予言された - いつか悪魔の君主の息子が、彼の父を腐肉と火の王座に戻すと。そして我々はこの予言を打ち砕こうとした。セブンス・ドラゴン(第七の竜)の古代の遺物であるスカル・オブ・シャドウ(闇の髑髏)は彼の古き力を持つ。それは邪悪な者によって道を開くのに、あるいは純粋な者によって、死の力でそれを永遠に封じる目的に使われるだろう。これは、常に我々の目的だった。我々は悪魔の害毒のまさに足下にスカル・オブ・シャドウを運んだ。数世紀の間に、悪魔は魔術や呪文の研究者の間に工作員を送り込みさえした。我々はその汚染された都市のうずく心臓部にそれを運ぶ。そしてそこで、外部にその力を引き出す。それは生と死の間の扉を開くだろう。空気は薄くなり、山々は弱り、そして海は枯れるだろう。それ以前に何者も立っていることはできないだろう。そして汚染された街に住む何千人 - 家臣と使用人、そして野の獣たちが死ぬだろう。彼らの魂は忘却によって包まれ、貪られ、変容するだろう。そしてこのことから、破壊の種は悪魔族のための、永久的かつ堅牢な新たなる監獄を作り出す。破壊された魂はそれら守り、永遠に投獄について文句を叫ぶ奴らを縛りつけるだろう。これは我々の仕事だ。これが我々の行く先だ。これは我々の神聖な任務だ。骨の道をを踏む者全てが、この目的を断固として務め、その成就を確実なものとするためにどんな犠牲でも払うことを誓わなければならない。もし我々が失敗すれば、悪魔の君主は再び現れる。そして恐ろしいものは彼の怒りだ。

Asha's Gift: The Theory of Magic


A book explaining the origins of magic in Ashan

First, be it known that magic is the second of the gifts granted unto us by Mother Asha, who gave life unto the universe and watches over it even as she slumbers. We are all her children, whether we ken it or no, and as such we have been blessed with the duty to use her second gift, that of magic. Understandest thou magic, and thou dost understand the universe entire, for it is the warp and the woof, the very weave of thing. Understand, too, that what most wizards call magic is but the merest taste of the true nature of power, a spoonful drawn from an infinite ocean. Think on that, and thy power will grow.


Discarded orders


A note to one of Menelag’s servants.


Please sweep and clean the tower. There are cobwebs and dust everywhere. I've left you the key and expect it to be done by tomorrow.





Hand written note


A note from a traitor who helped the Necromancers.

As we decided last week, I will help you enter the warehouse and the city. I’ll wait in the caverns tomorrow at midnight – just come with my reward and you’ll have everything you need. Don’t worry about our business, I can keep a secret.

我々が先週決めたように、私はあなたがたが倉庫と都市に入るのを手伝います。私は明日の真夜中に洞窟内で待ちます。 - 私の報酬を持って来てください。そうすればあなたが必要とするすべてを手に入れられます。心配はいりません、私は秘密を守ります。

Holy Psalms


A short piece of holy scripture from Asha's worshippers.

…Psalm of Divide

From out the weave of Lady's web of grey,

Came Mother's night,

And Father's day.

'Tween dusk and dawn came winged ones' Egg,

Born by they of two head,

And warmed ‘neath eight of leg.

From first crack in balanced orb of peers,

Flew stone on mighty wind,

Then flame over sea of tears…











Love Letter


An interesting note, seemingly from one of Menelag’s servants to another.

My dearest Ella,

I’ve found today what the master was hiding in the study. I was scrubbing the floor behind the bookshelf when he entered with that snobby niece of his. They were talking about a trip to an island. Can you imagine? The city under attack and he and his worthless kin are having themselves a sailing holiday! The old fool should be spending the money on hiring more soldiers for the city – and on our wages. In any case, the old parasite never even saw me there, and I watched him open up his money vault. It’s easy to do – I simply have to place to candelabra on the right pillar instead of the left one. I’ll start taking a couple of coins every night. He won’t miss them, and soon we’ll have enough to run away together. I love you madly,

- Kristos


私は今日、主人が書斎に隠しているものを見つけてしまった。私は彼が、淑女気取りの彼の姪と共にそこへ入っていくとき、本棚の裏で床を磨いていた。彼らは島への旅行について話していた。想像できるか? 町は攻撃を受けているのに、彼と彼の役立たずの親族は船旅での休暇を取ろうとしている。この年老いたバカは、街のためにもっとたくさんの兵士を雇うことに − それと私たちの賃金に − 金を費やすべきだ。いずれにせよ、この年老いた寄生虫は私に気付くことがなく、私は彼が金庫を開けるのを見た。それは簡単だ − 単に左にある燭台を右の柱に置けばいい。私は毎晩、数枚の金貨を頂くことにした。彼は気付かないだろう。そしてもうすぐ、私たちは一緒に逃げるのに十分なだけ手に入れるだろう。狂いそうなほど愛してるよ。

- クリストフ

Potishar’s Incantations for the Studious Mage.


The wise and puissant Magus, whether his magic be light or dark, attuned to the living or the dead, comes from two sources – the beneficence of the Dragons, who granted life to all who dwell in the world, and his own will, which takes that which has been given unto us and gives it form, purpose, and power. By training his will, the appropriately gifted magician can use that power, directing it to do his will in innumerable shapes and visages. The forms and sigils of the proper incantation are tools for this art, a way of focusing the mind to channel the mystic energy of the universe as he sees fit.


Shadwyn's Treatise of Improbable Reconciliations


An impossible obscure text that seems to be about prophecies.

Chapter 3.

There are thus conflicting prophecies treating the inflection point of the apotheosis; however, it could similarly be argued that these seemingly differing prognostications -- that is, the apotheosis and the dynacidal restriction – stem not from fundamentally opposed analyses of the propogational effects of the apotheosis throughout the continuum, but merely the identical conclusions of the inflection dynamic as observed via heretofore unrelated points of reference!

While certain philosophers may scoff at this theory uniting previously disparate these concerning the Quarantine and the Sentinel, acceptation of the fundamental argument would definitively reconcile extant factual data with the previously suspected yet unproven link intimately binding the related vessels both geographically and temporally.




The Annals of the Dead


We were always apart, always different; those who cleave to the world of the living will never comprehend those who have seen the other side. Though our forms are purged of lusts and needs we have not lost our thirst for wisdom, for knowledge, for instruction. It was this desire to comprehend the entirety of Asha’s creation that led Belketh to the enlightenment of Her true form – the three-faced goddess who holds us all in her many hands. It is this passion that keeps us, Belketh’s children, searching ceaselessly for his lost artifacts and relics as well as those of his master Sar-Shazzar, and even of Sar Shazzar’s master Sar-Elam himself – The Seventh Dragon.

我々は常に隔絶され、常に異なっていた。生の世界に忠実である人々は向こう側を見た者達を決して理解しない。我々方法は欲望と需要を解放するが、知恵に対する、知識に対する、学問に対する渇望を失いはしなかった。それは、ベルケスを彼女の真の姿 - その多くの手に我々全てを抱く三面の女神 - の悟りに導いたアシャの創造の総体を理解したいという、この願望だった。我々ベルケスの子どもたちを引き留めているのは情熱だ。彼の師匠であるサー・シャザールと、サー・シャザールの師匠であるサー・エラム - セブンスドラゴン(第七の竜) - と同様に、彼の失われた創造物と遺物を絶え間なく探し続けている。

The Book of Ghouls


An unsettling text of questionable veracity. Its subject matter is self-evident.

It is well known that Ghouls are the ravenous spirits of the dead, returned to re-animate lifeless corpses and imbue them with an insatiable hunger for flesh. Some say that only those who died of starvation can become Ghouls, while others – most notably Balthazar, in his seminal treatise On The Nature Of The Unquiet Dead – postulate that any who died of privation or want can become Ghouls. Darker whispers state that Necromancers can create Ghouls, by forcing unwilling spirits into dead bodies.

Regardless of origin, Ghouls are widespread wherever the Necromancers have extended their tendrils. Indeed, disturbance of cemeteries by Ghouls is one of the first signs that a Necromancer cabal is near.

Stronger than men and more agile as well, Ghouls are nevertheless ruled by this ancient hunger for dead and rotting flesh. However, when thy cannot find proper sustenance to feed their immortal hunger, they are more than content to manufacture their own foodstuffs from the living.

グールは、貪欲な生命のない死体に命を吹き込んで甦らせ、肉に対する飽くなき飢えを染み込ませた死者の魂としてよく知られている。何人かは、餓死した人々だけがグールになると言う。他の人々の間では — 特にバルタザールは、彼の創作的な論文「静かならざる死者の性質」で、欠乏や貧困で死んだ者がグールになると仮説している。より暗い噂では、ネクロマンサーが、邪なる魂を死体に押し込むことによって、グールを作り出すに違いないと言っている。



The Book of Sorcerous Mastery


A book of love pertaining to the study of magic.

Know ye that if ye wish to obtain the key to mastering thine own skill of sorcery, thou must tread many dark paths and study that which is eldritch and hidden.

In the red-litten depths of the sorcerous mind lies the true essence of wizardry, of the power beyond this world that the dragons have granted unto us. Yes they say there is a power beyond power, an ancient source to all the greater magicks in the world who slumbers and sleeps, awaiting the day of awakening.

Meditate well on this and ye shall find thy sorcerous power increasing.


魔術の精神の赤い光の深淵に、魔道の − 竜が我らに与えたこの世界の向こう側にある力の − 深淵は横たわる。そう、彼らはそこに力を越えた力があると言う。まどろみ、眠り、目覚めの日を待っている、世界に散らばるより優れた魔法のための古代の源が。


The Compleat Book of Necromancy.


Necromancy is the oldest and most sacred of the forms of magic. It is the art of commingling the living and the dead, crossing the boundaries between worlds so that a fruitful union of life and death may be achieved. Though it is misunderstood by many, it is neither evil nor foul. It is simply what it is. Chief among the achievements of Necromancy is the ability to command the spirits of the dead. These may be interrogated, questioned, cajoled and commanded to do a sufficiently puissant necromancer’s bidding. Lesser practitioners may find their efforts less fruitful, though even the youngest adepts may have some power over the dead. The most potent adepts can in fact draw forth the spirits of the deceased and place them in still-living bodies, displacing the original souls and creating creatures such as zombies, ghouls, and liches. Other, rawer powers are also at the Necromancer’s disposal. Life can be drained from opponents, objects crumbled as if smitten by the hoary hand of Time smote them. The greatest of the Necromancers may become themselves, in turn, the undying sentinels of Heresh in the form of Vampire Lords or other puissant beings.


The Thonnish Manuscript


A difficult book to understand, this prophetic text is rich with symbolism. Perhaps its contents are veiled wisdom; then again, it may be nothing but the ravings of madmen…

Many are the years that will pass before the shadow on the face of the sun dose foretell doom. For then will the cage of light be made as weak as one of iron, and the taint of ages past drift on the winds of the world. Then shall one king’s bride bear another’s child, and the dead themselves make war on the living and infernal alike. Seek not the Skull of the Seventh Dragon, for it is wrapped in shadows and hidden away from the eyes of man, lest it be used for great evil. For what it hath wrought, it can unmake in the hands of one whose blood flows from two worlds.


The Wisdom of The Nightshard Clan, Chapter 7, ex


A brief pamphlet on stealth and subtlety

Foolish warrior, walking in the daylight, priding himself in how much his enemies hurt him before they die. Arrogant mage, believing himself invulnerable with his tricks of light and flame.

It is in stealth, in silence, in subtlety that the greatest of our skills and challenges are born. Everyone sees and smells the bear that comes lumbering through the woods; none see the cobra that waits silently and kills quickly. Fools stand in the open where lightning strikes; clever ones watch from afar and await the perfect moment. Trust the shadows, be the shadows. As silent, as invisible, as inescapable.



Tome of the Dragon Smithy


A book explaining how to use a forge

Chapter 3: The Well-Forged Blade.

Select the metal that will provide the base. Think not of mere iron, for this is an arcane weapon. For your purpose Steel is fine, but Flamegold is the best. Place a bar of your chosen metal into the pot for smelting.

Ease the pot over top of the fire. Ensure that your fire burns like the breath of Arkath; use the bellows to increase the heat.

Side the pot over the mold, and then pour the molten metal into it. The mold should be within a small tank of water.

Pull the lever to raise the water level, and by Shalassa’s blessing the arm shall be tempered.

Remove the blade and place it once more in the fire. Wait with Sylanna’s patience until it is red hot; a weapon shaped too soon is a weapon lost.

Place it upon the anvil, and take up the smith’s hammer. Strike without hesitation, fearlessly driving out the impurities and shaping the blade, until by Ylath’s grace your efforts are rewarded. You must then craft a hilt for your weapon; leather strips for this purpose are kept near the forge.

May Asha guide your hand.










To enter the Crypt, place the Moonsilk Crystal in the spider's head.

To enter the Shrine of the Skull of Shadows, return the three Aspect Gems:

Matron's Heart: With a fallen prophert's bones

Soul of the Crone: Below the tomb of He who waged the Wars of Blood

Maiden's Eye: In the walls of the crypt.










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