===Free wiki hosting===

:Includes a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) and Wiki-mode editor. English documentation is minimal and it is unclear how to backup pages.

:Similar to WikiCities?, but with few content restrictions. Only gives you a page in the overall wiki. No subscription needed, users can quickly make new wiki articles. No domain names or private wikis, though.

:Free MediaWiki? hosting (uses the same software as Wikipedia). One field to fill in to setup up. Unlimited pages and users. Basic account includes google map support, math markup, wiki spam protection, 25MB of disk space, and RSS feeds.

:Free MediaWiki? hosting with fast setup. A free .com/net/org domain is offered for wikis which reach 10 pages of content. Google AdSense? text-ads may be added to the right sidebar to cover hosting expenses.

:Public or private ad-supported wikis. Offers quick setup, SSL logins, RSS 2.0 & Atom 1.0 feeds, .ZIP backups, subdomains, 3 free "skins", and 10 Mb of file upload space. No limits on number of pages, number of wikis, or page size. Paid wikis remove ads, get 1000MB of storage, offer full-encrypted sessions, and CSS customization. Wikis use a simple shared edit password to prevent spam; paid users can set different passwords for reading, editing, deleting, and admin.

:Public, private or fine grain ACL wikis. Has tag, search, and backup options. Supported by Google text ads.

:Has been hosting free wikis and paid wikis since 2001 using open source software. Has WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing, bare-bone editing, backup capabilities,, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) support. Some of the locking/membership/DNS features are only available for paid accounts. The code base can only run on a proprietary Bluedragon CFML J2EE server or a proprietary Coldfusion MX J2EE server (although it's currently being ported to some other more open platforms).