Siamese Fighting Fish- A Great Pet

Betta splendens, or betta fish (their common name), are a decent sized genus of fish, often referred to as Siamese fighting fish. These beautiful fish are more often than not very bright in color, and are often a few inches mouth to tail. Bettas are in the anabantoid family because of their unique labyrinth organ. They are sometimes called Siamese fighting fish because of their extremely brutal actions when placed with other bettas. This is the main reason betta fish are generally best when housed alone. help with bettas

Other than their large flowing fins that make them look big, betta fish are generally fairly small. Bettas generally only grow to be around 3 inches long and a half an inch thick. Most wild betta fish display very dull colors, though the betta fish you see in the fish keeping hobby are typically very vibrant and exotic looking. For many years, fish breeders have taken the most vibrant betta fish and bred them together to create more bold and better selling fish. Even the fins were altered as a result of breeding - wild betta fish have really small fins, but many betta fish in the fish stores have very large flowing fins. view

Male betta fish should never be housed in the same habitat. The bettas quarrelsome attitude will lead to consistent attacks, trauma and even death. Additionally, male bettas will regularly attack females. If you are not breeding betta fish ? which is reallyjust for a experienced fish keeper, you should not house male and female bettas in the same aquarium. On the other hand, female betta fish get along well when kept more females. It's possible have a group of of female bettas together, this is generally referred to as a betta sorority. You still need to ensure you have lots of spaces to hide. However, bettas can be kept in the same tank as some other varieties of tropical fish. Also, there are several things to consider as well as compatibility, the fish also need to require similar water levels as well.

Regarding their quarrelsome attitude, it is no surprise that they are carnivorous. Because they are surface feeders, bettas mouths are upturned. In nature, betta fish feed on mosquito larvae and other water bound bugs, in addition to brine shrimp. If you can get your betta fish to eat them, betta specific food pellets are an easy and cost effective choice. While many betta flakes and pellets list similar ingredients, you should still choose a good brand. It's also possible to buy frozen foods to feed your betta fish.

The betta has a really unique mating technique. When the male happens to be interested in the female, he will flare his gills and spread his fins. If the male betta can excite the female, her colors will get darker. The male betta then builds a bubble nest at the waters surface. After the nest is finished, the female will drop her eggs, so the male can fertilize them. The male goes around carefully gathering the in his mouth and deposit them gently into the bubble nest. The fertilized eggs remain in the safety of the nest of bubbles while they hatch and can swim on their own.

Bettas are a tough fish, and if taken care of adequately, can become as old as eight years or even more. Much like any other animal, you need to provide them with the proper living space and food. If you are searching for a very amazing fish to have, bettas are a great pick.