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Doc / faq
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Chapter 5. Frequently Asked Questions

5.1. Development

Q: MPlayerのパッチを作るにはどうすれば?

A:必要な情報を解説する short document があります。その説明に従って下さい。

Q: MPlayer を別の言語に翻訳するには?

A: translation HOWTOを読んで下さい。必要な説明は全てここに書くようにします(should explain everything)。ここに無い情報はMPlayer-translations mailing listに参加してください。

Q: MPlayer 開発の手助けをするには?

A:ソフトやハードをdonations(寄付)して貰えると大変助かります。 MPlayerを開発する上で永く役に立ちますから。

Q: MPlayer の開発に参加するには?

A:コードやドキュメントの書き手を常に歓迎しています。 まずは、technical documentation を読んで下さい。次に MPlayer-dev-eng mailing list を購読してコーディングを始めましょう。ドキュメント制作に参加したい場合、MPlayer-docs mailing listに参加して下さい。

Q:Why don't you use autoconf/automake?

A:We have a modular, handwritten build system. It does a reasonably good job, so why change? Besides, we dislike the auto* tools, just like other people.

5.2. Compilation and installation

Q:Compilation fails with an error and gcc bails out with some cryptic message containing the phrase internal compiler error or unable to find a register to spill.

A: You have stumbled over a bug in gcc. Please report it to the gcc team but not to us. For some reason MPlayer seems to trigger compiler bugs frequently. Nevertheless we cannot fix them and do not add workarounds for compiler bugs to our sources. To avoid this problem, either stick with a compiler version that is known to be reliable and stable, or upgrade frequently.

Q:Are there binary (RPM/Debian) packages of MPlayer?

A: See the Debian and RPM section for details.

Q:How can I build a 32 bit MPlayer on a 64 bit Athlon?

A:Try the following configure options:

./configure --target=athlon_xp --cc="gcc -m32" --as="as --32" --with-extralibdir=/usr/lib

Q:Configure ends with this text, and MPlayer won't compile!

Your gcc does not support even i386 for '-march' and '-mcpu'

A: Your gcc isn't installed correctly, check the configure.log file for details.

Q:I have a Matrox G200/G400/G450/G550, how do I compile/use the mga_vid driver?

A: Read the mga_vid section.

Q:During 'make', MPlayer complains about missing X11 libraries. I don't understand, I do have X11 installed!?

A: ... but you don't have the X11 development package installed. Or not correctly. It's called XFree86-devel* under Red Hat, and xlibs-dev under Debian Woody, libx11-dev under Debian Sarge. Also check if the /usr/X11 and /usr/include/X11 symlinks exist (this can be a problem on Mandrake systems).