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6Days7Nights Moves to Atlantis

  • yea. 6D in Atlan only by one week?Or, NW movement to Aga? -- Kosh 2006-10-12 (木) 12:21:28
  • for now i still dunno... -- RuLezzz 2006-10-13 (金) 01:34:10

Zipang+Haka+TCS merging & Forming regiment in Atlantis Syasuke+PeaMedium?+Yunino.

Maybe some of u all will return to zipang, maybe not. But i have something to say, if u choose NW, i hope u all make it yr home. :P


  • Hallo...just wanted to pop in and give NW-Jpn support. Peace and Be Well. -- CoBaL? 2006-09-29 (金) 11:06:15

I think many jpn ask why NW take in alot of people... ok, let me tell you all why... NW is created not to be number1 in SG.. we are created based on friendship. Unlike 6d, we take in new people who are willing to learn, loyal and good attitude, to me, i really like jpnese, cause i feel they are all willing to learn, loyal and gd attitude, i dont mind teaching them.

As you can see, i take them in and train them, i treat them all as a family. I played SG for 5years now, winning or losing dont matter much to me, Friends does. SG will die someday, but not friendship. If SG dies tomorrow, ill bring NW to another game together. We have fun together, we win together and we lose together.

For char sharing, i allow char share to fellow NW, which means NW can use another NW char, so that if any lack of level and no time to play, others can help. But non-NW are not allowed on NW chars.


Official News

Password Protection

Players that have been using SG Mail to hold or share characters passwords are recommended
to change their passwords immediately.

Players are responsible for the protection of their computer(s) and their character's passwords.
If character passwords are found to be shared, players will NOT receive a reset or restoration
of items.

As stated on our website, we do not permit Kru Interactive characters to be shared by multiple
people. Specifically this is located in the 'Ownership' section of the license agreement, where it

'One account is for one person. Only one person is allowed to use the characters on any given

SG Team
  • Please consider carefully ... -- YAS 2006-09-25 (月) 18:48:40


09.08.06 September Reincarnation Event!  

The September Reincarnation is scheduled for September 15, 2006. 
The sign-ups for this event is now open in the Warroom at
Also in the Warroom, you can find further information explaining what Reincarnation is, 
who is eligible, and how you can benefit by it. 
Just go to the Warroom and click on "Reincarnation Description". 

Thank you. 
SG Team
  • finally! tourney up! orz -- Rulezzz? 2006-08-05 (土) 12:35:23
  • I want join NW :) -- kurodai? 2006-08-21 (月) 16:24:07
  • stat now80/6/120/50:after reinc 80/6/120/56 or clouter -- kurodai? 2006-08-21 (月) 16:30:41
  • now max keep:sap wight eagle pada -- kurodai? 2006-08-21 (月) 16:38:12
  • yogo or yas talk to him pls ;P -- RuLezzz 2006-08-23 (水) 17:02:10
  • kuro3, wight eagle imps ball nix better for u -- RuLezzz 2006-08-25 (金) 15:58:20
  • nanda kono unko page?? wakaranai~~! -- Naru? 2006-08-25 (金) 18:45:36
  • now statreset 60/42/120/34 change units -- kurodai? 2006-08-27 (日) 04:27:29
  • wight*9 eagle*9 imps*9 ball*7 moth*9 poda(kritsk)*9 -- kurodai? 2006-08-27 (日) 04:31:51
  • all sitter need a liche if not u cant def ;p -- RuLezzz 2006-08-27 (日) 11:36:33
  • orz 80/110/42/41 good or unko ? -- Zorro 2006-09-02 (土) 01:44:27
  • Hi RuLezzz 3, Please invit me. Stats writes page of 'for japanese apply to NW'. -- Karaya? 2006-09-20 (水) 23:17:07
  • i waana join nw..pr12 stat 80/6/120/57 -- xkoreagoodx? 2007-01-15 (月) 00:09:50
  • i wanna join nw that do can? plz say to me and invite me.. -- xkoreagoodx? 2007-01-15 (月) 22:15:07


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