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NightWatch Japan WIKI

     /ノ 0ヽ
    _|___|_  私が訓練教官のハートマン TinTinRulezzz?である
    ヽ( # ゚Д゚)ノ    話しかけられたとき以外は口を開くな
      | 个 |      口でクソたれる前と後に "サー" と言え
     ノ| ̄ ̄ヽ      分かったか、9913 匹目のウジ虫め! (Sir,Yes Sir)
      ∪⌒∪©      ふざけるな! 大声だせ!(Sir,Yes Sir!)

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Welcome to NightWatch Japan Wiki
Made by RuLezzz3 :D i am PRO orz!
I Made this Wiki for all my members in NW as they dont know much English so i made this forums for you all to participate
This will be a place where i can see yr stats and units ( everyone of you ) and a place for you guys to chat
You all can use Japanese in here =)
LINK TO NightWatch Main Forums:

Latest News

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