FCCのNotice of Inquiry


  • GoogleがAllVidに関するFCCのNotice of Inquiryにファイルしたコメントをベースにする(原典
    • FCCへの要望
      • コンテンツ・パーソナライゼーション
    • Consumers simply want access to the most content on the widest range of devices.
      • Building a search index that combines both broadcast and Internet content so that users can search for accurate and up-to-date information about the availability of video across different platforms.
      • An approach that builds upon ubiquitous Ethernet and Internet Protocol Standard. Via an Internet browser.
      • While the proposed AllVid hardware solution is a good first step, more is necessary to facilitate a truly competitive market for navigation devices.(市場開放と競争導入)
      • Specifically, the Commission should help facilitate industry standardization of a metadata stream that flows with the audio-visual signal, passing undisturbed as it traverse the MVPD-supplied adapter through to the consumer.(MVPDサービスの規格化と開放)
      • the Commission should not overlook existing CableCARD devices.
    • グーグルTVの特徴
      • 目的 Empowering consumers to access the entire universe of video content on the screen of their choice; without regard to the content’s source or pathway ; will generate substancial benefits to users, developers, and the entire video environment.
      • Google has worked closely with SONY, Logitech, and Intel for Google TV
      • Logitech Box: work with existing high-definition television and home entertainment systems, with plans to include video calling features and a variety of imput devices, including video chat and a smart-phone application.
      • Google plan to release a set of TV-specific application programming interfaces which mean Web applications. Android SDK to support applications built for Google TV.
    • グーグルのAllVidリコメンデーション
      • Open Source Standards: The AllVid adapter solution should utilize standards and specifications developed through a transparent and inclusive process.
      • Physical Connection and Communication Protocol: Certain common technologies could provide a successful open development starting point to move the all AllVid concept forward and allow it to evolve over time.
      • Flexible Adapter Deployment: Deployment flexibility for an AllVid adapter is necessary for device manufacturers…
      • Straightforward and Simple Design: For instance, Google supports use of UPnP(Universal Plug and Play).
      • Ordering and Billing: In Google’s view, it is neither practical nor appropriate for the Commission to attempt to standardize content ordering and billing.
      • Expanded Control and Data Exchange: FCC policies also should encompass expanded control and data-exchange for all devices.(ネットワーク中立性に影響)
      • Transparency: Consumer transparency in this space also is vital.