Chapter 1. Events and Stream Processing

Chapter 2. Using Logs to Build a Solid Data Infrastructure

Chapter 3. Integrating Databases and Kafka with Change Data Capture

Chapter 4. The Unix Philosophy of Distributed Data

The Unix Philosophy of Distributed Data角田
Simple Log Analysis with Unix Tools岡澤
Pipes and Composability鶴田
Unix Architecture versus Database Architecture瀬賀
Composability Requires a Uniform Interface?山下
Bringing the Unix Philosophy to the Twenty-First Century?高木

Chapter 5. Turning the Database Inside Out

Turning the Database Inside Outせと
How Databases Are Used角田
└─ 1. Replication?山下
└─ 2. Secondary Indexes?鶴田
└─ 3. Caching?瀬賀
└─ 4. Materialized Views?角田
└─ Summary: Four Database-Related Ideas?瀬賀
Materialized Views: Self-Updating Caches山下
└─ Example: Implementing Twitter?高木
└─ The Unbundled Database?鶴田
Streaming All the Way to the User Interface?高木