kernel 2.6.13 の考察(20050829更新)




There it is. 

The most painful part of 2.6.13 is likely to be the fact that we made x86 use
the generic PCI bus setup code for assigning unassigned resources.  
That uncovered rather a lot of nasty small details, but should also mean
that a lot of laptops in particular should be able to discover PCI devices
behind bridges that the BIOS hasn't set up.

We've hopefully fixed up all the problems that the longish -rc series
showed, and it shouldn't be that painful, but if you have device problems,
please make a report that at a minimum contains the unified diff of the
output of "lspci -vvx" running on 2.6.12 vs 2.6.13. That might give us
some clues.
The changes since -rc7 are pretty small, full shortlog and diffstat of
that appended.

As to the new world order: I'm actually going to be away for most of next
week, but in general we should now try to do all major merges within the
first two weeks of the release. After that, we go into calm-down mode, and 
if you have work that didn't make the cut, you get to wait until 2.6.14. 

The plan is that this should bring in the time between releases, so that 
even stuff that misses the deadline won't have to wait _too_ long for the 
next one.


PCI周り変えたので、2.6.12と2.6.13のlspci -vvxの結果を送ってくれ。


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