Abhay Salunke:

 dell_rbu: changes in packet update mechanism

Al Viro:

 [PATCH]: highest_possible_processor_id() has to be a macro
 build fix for uml/amd64

Alan Stern:

 Threads shouldn't inherit PF_NOFREEZE

Alexey Dobriyan:

 radio-cadet: check request_region() return value correctly

Andi Kleen:

 [NET]: Disable NET_SCH_CLK_CPU for SMP x86 hosts

Andreas Gruenbacher:

 nfsacl: Solaris VxFS compatibility fix

Andrew Morton:

 binfmt_elf bss padding fix
 [NETFILTER]: Fix ip6_table.c build with NETFILTER_DEBUG enabled.
 orinoco: limit message rate

Andy Wingo:

 raw1394: fix locking in the presence of SMP and interrupts

Anton Blanchard:

 ppc64: Fix PCI hotplug

Antonino A. Daplas:

 vesafb: Fix display corruption on display blank

Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo:

 [CCID]: Check if ccid is NULL in the hc_[tr]x_exit functions
 [DCCP]: Transition from PARTOPEN to OPEN when receiving DATA packets
 [TWSK]: Grab the module refcount for timewait sockets

Baris Cicek:

 [SERIAL] Add SupraExpress 336i Sp ASVD modem ID

Ben Dooks:

 [ARM] 2975/1: S3C2410: time.c missing include of cpu.h
 [ARM] 2976/1: S3C2410: add static to functions in serial driver
 [ARM] 2977/1: armksyms.c - make items in export table static
 [ARM] 2979/2: S3C2410 - add static to non-exported machine items
 [ARM] 2978/1: nwfpe - clean up sparse errors
 [NETPOLL]: wrong return for null netpoll_poll_lock()
 [ARM] 3005/1: S3C2440 - add definition for s3c2440_set_dsc() call in hardware.h
 [ARM] 3006/1: S3C2410 - arch/arm/mach-s3c2410 sparse fixes
 [ARM] 3007/1: BAST - add CONFIG_ISA to build
 [ARM] 3009/1: S3C2410 - io.h offsets too large for LDRH/STRH
 [ARM] 3018/1: S3C2410 - check de-referenced device is really a platform device

Benjamin Herrenschmidt:

 ppc32: Fix timekeeping
 ppc32: Tell userland about lack of standard TB
 ppc64: Fix G5 model in /proc/cpuinfo
 ppc64: Fix error in vDSO 32 bits date

Christian Krause:

 USB: fix bug in handling of highspeed usb HID devices

Cornelia Huck:

 s390: ccw device reconnect oops.

Dave Airlie:

 fix MGA DRM regression before 2.6.14

David McCullough?:

 output of /proc/maps on nommu systems is incomplete

David S. Miller:

 [SPARC64]: Fix oops on runlevel change with serial console.
 [SPARC32]: Revert IOMAP change eb98129eec7fa605f0407dfd92d40ee8ddf5cd9a
 [SPARC64]: Fix net booting on Ultra5
 [SPARC64]: Fix boot failures on SunBlade-150
 [NETFILTER]: Fix OOPSes on machines with discontiguous cpu numbering.
 [SPARC64]: Consolidate common PCI IOMMU init code.
 [SPARC64]: Eliminate PCI IOMMU dma mapping size limit.
 [QLOGICPTI]: Handle INQUIRY response sniffing correctly.
 [SPARC64]: Fix powering off on SMP.

Deepak Saxena:

 [ARM] 2980/1: Fix L7200 core.c compile

Dmitry Torokhov:

 uniput - fix crash on SMP

Eric Dumazet:

 rcu: keep rcu callback event counter

Evgeniy Polyakov:

 [CONNECTOR]: Update documentation to match reality.
 Dallas's 1-wire bus compile error

George G. Davis:

 [ARM] 2970/1: Use -mtune=arm1136j-s when building for CPU_V6 targets
 [ARM] 2969/1: miscellaneous whitespace cleanup

Greg Edwards:

 [IA64] mbcs_init() should give up unless running on sn2

Harald Welte:

 [NETFILTER] PPTP helper: Add missing Kconfig dependency
 [NETFILTER] nfnetlink: use highest bit of nfa_type to indicate nested TLV
 [NETFILTER] nat: remove bogus structure member
 [NETFILTER] conntrack_netlink: Fix endian issue with status from userspace
 [NETFILTER]: Add missing include to ip_conntrack_tuple.h
 [NETFILTER]: Use only 32bit counters for CONNTRACK_ACCT

Herbert Xu:

 [IPSEC]: Use ALIGN macro in ESP
 [IPSEC] Fix block size/MTU bugs in ESP
 [TCP]: Add code to help track down "BUG at net/ipv4/tcp_output.c:438!"
 [TCP]: Ratelimit debugging warning.
 list: add missing rcu_dereference on first element

Hirokazu Takata:

 m32r: trap handler code for illegal traps
 m32r: Fix smp.c for preempt kernel

Hugh Dickins:

 Don't map the same page too much
 mm: hugetlb truncation fixes

Jeff Dike:

 uml: revert block driver use of host AIO

Jeff Garzik:

 e100: revert CPU cycle saver microcode, it causes severe problems
 sata_nv: Fixed bug introduced by 0.08's MCP51 and MCP55 support.
 Fix and clean up quirk_intel_ide_combined() configuration

Kenneth Tan:

 [ARM] 3020/1: Fixes typo error CONFIG_CPU_IXP465, which should be CONFIG_CPU_IXP46X
 [ARM] 3021/1: Interrupt 0 bug fix for ixp4xx

Kolli, Neela Syam:

 megaraid maintainers entry

Latchesar Ionkov:

 v9fs: remove additional buffer allocation from v9fs_file_read and v9fs_file_write

Liam Girdwood:

 [ARM] 3003/1: SSP channel map register updates for pxa2xx

Linus Torvalds:

 Fix memory ordering bug in page reclaim
 Increase default RCU batching sharply
 Add some basic .gitignore files
 Linux v2.6.14-rc5

Lothar Wassmann:

 [ARM] 3002/1: Wrong parameter to uart_update_timeout() in drivers/serial/pxa.c

Mark Haverkamp:

 aacraid: host_lock not released fix

Mark Rustad:

 kbuild: Eliminate build error when KALLSYMS not defined

Matteo Croce:

 wireless/airo: Build fix

maximilian attems:

 [SERIAL] Add SupraExpress 56i support

Michael Krufky:

 V4L: Enable s-video input on DViCO FusionHDTV5 Lite


 Three one-liners in md.c

Nicolas Pitre:

 [ARM] 2974/1: fix ARM710 swi bug workaround
 [ARM] 3008/1: the exception table is not read-only
 [ARM] 3019/1: fix wrong comments

Olav Kongas:

 isp116x-hcd: fix handling of short transfers

Oleg Nesterov:

 posix-timers: fix task accounting

Pablo Neira Ayuso:

 [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: ICMP ID is not mandatory
 [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: add one nesting level for TCP state
 [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: allow userspace to change TCP state
 [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: add support to change protocol info

Paolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso:

 uml: compile-time fix recent patch

Paolo Galtieri:

 ppc highmem fix

Paul Mackerras:

 ppc64: update defconfigs

Paul Schulz:

 [ARM] 3023/1: pxa-regs: Typo in ARM pxa register definitions.

Pavel Machek:

 zaurus: fix compilation with cpufreq disabled
 zaurus: fix soc_common.c
 zaurus: fix dependencies on collie keyboard
 Fix /proc/acpi/events around suspend

Peter Bergner:

 ppc64: Add R_PPC64_TOC16 module reloc

Peter Chubb:

 `unaligned access' in acpi get_root_bridge_busnr()

Randall Nortman:

 usbserial: Regression in USB generic serial driver

Richard Purdie:

 [ARM] 3011/1: pxafb: Add ability to set device parent + fix spitz compile error
 [ARM] 3012/1: Corgi/Spitz LCD: Use bus_find_device to locate pxafb - fix compile error
 [ARM] 3013/1: Spitz: Fix compile errors
 [ARM] 3014/1: Spitz keyboard: Correct the right shift key

Roland McGrath?:

 Fix cpu timers exit deadlock and races

Ronald S. Bultje:

 fix vpx3220 offset issue in SECAM
 fix black/white-only svideo input in vpx3220 decoder

Samuel Thibault:

 SVGATextMode fix

Sascha Hauer:

 [ARM] 2971/1: i.MX uart handle rts irq

Seth, Rohit:

 Handle spurious page fault for hugetlb region

Stephan Brodkorb:

 n_r3964 mod_timer() fix

Stephen Hemminger:

 [BRIDGE]: fix race on bridge del if

Steven Rostedt:

 scsi_error thread exits in TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE state.


 madvise: Avoid returning error code -EBADF for anonymous mappings

Takashi Iwai:

 Add missing export of getnstimeofday()

Tim Schmielau:

 Fix copy-and-paste error in BSD accounting

Tom Rini:

 Export RCS_TAR_IGNORE for rpm targets

Tony Lindgren:

 [ARM] 3024/1: Add cpu_v6_proc_fin

Trond Myklebust:

 NFS: Fix cache consistency races
 NFS: Fix Oopsable/unnecessary i_count manipulations in nfs_wait_on_inode()

Yasunori Goto:

 swiotlb: make sure initial DMA allocations really are in DMA memory

Yoichi Yuasa:

 mips: fix build error in TANBAC TB0226

Yoshinori Sato:

 nommu build error fix
 sh-sci.c sci_start_tx error

Zach Brown:

 aio: revert lock_kiocb()


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