Linus Torvalds:

 Make sure SIGKILL gets proper respect
 Revert task flag re-ordering, add comments
 Revert "x86-64: Reverse order of bootmem lists"
 Linux v2.6.14-rc3

Martin Whitaker:

 [ATM]: fix bug in atm address list handling

Matthias Urlichs:

 USB: more device IDs for Option card driver
 usb/serial/option.c: Increase input buffer size

Maxim Shchetynin:

 [SCSI] zfcp: enhancement of zfcp debug features
 [SCSI] zfcp: provide support for NPIV

Michael Chan:

 [TG3]: 5780 PHY fixes
 [TG3]: misc. fixes

Michael Krufky:

 v4l: DViCO FusionHDTV5 Lite GPIO Fix

Michael S. Tsirkin:

 IPoIB: fix module removal race
 IB/mthca: Fix device removal memory leak
 [IB] mthca: fix off by one in clr_int calculation
 [IB] mthca: Fix off by one bug in mthca_map_cmd
 [IB] mthca: Round up number of slots in HCA context memory table

Mike Miller:

 cciss: busy_initializing bug fix

Mike Waychison:

 x86_64: Fix mce_log

Miklos Szeredi:

 fuse: add required version info
 fuse: check reserved node ID values
 fuse: check O_DIRECT

Moore, Eric Dean:

 [SCSI] fusion SAS support (mptsas driver) updates
 [SCSI] fusion SAS support (mptsas driver) minor fix

Nick Piggin:

 mm: move_pte to remap ZERO_PAGE
 i386: include linux/irq.h rather than asm/hw_irq.h

Nick Wilson:

 NFS: fix client oops when debugging is on


 bonding: Fix link monitor capability check (was skge: set mac address oops with bonding)

OGAWA Hirofumi:

 ext3: ext3_show_options fix

Oleg Nesterov:


Oliver Dawid:

 [APPLETALK]: Fix broadcast bug.

Olof Johansson:

 PPC64: Fix boot for some pre-POWER4 systems

Paolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso:

 fix locking comment in unmap_region()
 README update from the stone age
 mm: update stale comment for removal of page->list
 mm: add a note about partially hardcoded VM_* flags
 uml: adapt asm/futex.h to our arch
 Remove unused var from asm/futex.h
 uml: remove verify_area_{tt,skas}
 uml: fix modify_ldt - missing break in switch
 uml: fix uname output on 32-bit binary on 64-bit host
 uml: Fix conflict between libc and ipv6
 uml: fix bogus HOST_ELF_CLASS symbol name
 uml: readd removed unistd.h inclusion
 uml: comment about cast build fix
 uml: fix compile warning after consolidation patch
 uml: don't remove umid files in conflict case
 strlcat: use for uml umid.c
 uml: don't redundantly mark pte as newpage in pte_modify
 uml: fix hang in TT mode on fault
 uml: fix condition in tlb flush
 uml: run mconsole "sysrq" in process context
 uml: avoid fixing faults while atomic
 uml: Fix GFP_ flags usage
 uml: use GFP_ATOMIC for allocations under spinlocks.
 uml: replace printk with "stack-friendly" printf - to report console failure
 Add dm-snapshot tutorial in Documentation
 uml: fix page faults in SKAS3 mode.
 uml: clear SKAS0/3 flags when running in TT mode
 uml: revert "run mconsole "sysrq" in process context"
 uml: remove empty hostfs_truncate method

Paul Gortmaker:

 8390 Tx fix for non i386 machines

Paul Jackson:

 cpuset maintainers
 cpuset read past eof memory leak fix

Paul Mackerras:

 ppc64: Fix PCI flags when using OF device tree

Pavel Machek:

 swsusp: fix comments

Pekka Enberg:

 PCI: convert kcalloc to kzalloc

Pete Zaitcev:

 ub: fix burning cds
 ub: Comment out unconditional stall clear

Peter Chubb:

 [IA64] Fix simscsi for new SCSI midlayer

Peter Favrholdt:

 USB: ftdi_sio: allow baud rate to be changed without raising RTS and DTR

Peter Osterlund:

 pktcdvd: MAINTAINERS record

Prasanna S Panchamukhi:

 Update maintainers list with the kprobes maintainers

Rafael J. Wysocki:

 swsusp: do not trigger BUG_ON() if there is not enough memory
 swsusp: remove wrong code from data_free
 swsusp: prevent possible memory leak
 swsusp: avoid problems if there are too many pages to save

Randy Dunlap:

 update URL for HPET spec.
 corrections to top-level README


 [SCSI] scsi: 2 drivers need MODULE_LICENSE()

Ravikiran G Thirumalai:

 x86_64: fix the BP node_to_cpumask
 x86_64 early numa init fix

Richard Purdie:

 USB: fix pxa2xx_udc compile warnings

Rob Landley:

 Fix bd_claim() error code.

Robert Love:

 hdaps: small update.

Roland Dreier:

 IB/mthca: assign ACK timeout field correctly
 IB/mthca: fix posting of first work request
 IB/mthca: Initialize eq->nent before we use it
 IB/mthca: Fix posting work requests to shared receive queues
 IB/mthca: Don't try to set srq->last for userspace SRQs
 IPoIB: Don't flush workqueue from within workqueue
 [IB] mthca: Fix doorbell record resource leak
 [IB] uverbs: Close some exploitable races

Roland McGrath?:

 Fix task state testing properly in do_signal_stop()

Roman Kagan:

 [ATM]: net/atm/ioctl.c: autoload pppoatm and br2684

Russell King:

 [ARM] Prevent deadlock in page fault handler
 [ARM] Fix pcf8583 to build
 [ARM] Fix context switch with ARMv6 + TLS
 [SERIAL] Remove unused variable in clps711x.c
 [MFD] Fix "bious one-bit signed bitfield" errors
 [ARM] Fix compiler warnings for memcpy_toio/memcpy_fromio/memset_io
 [ARM] pxafb: Remove #if DEBUG, convert DPRINTK to pr_debug
 [ARM] Fix warning in arch/arm/mach-pxa/generic.c
 [ARM] Don't include asm/arch/hardware.h directly
 [ARM] Don't include mach-types.h unnecessarily

Rusty Russell:

 Ignore trailing whitespace on kernel parameters correctly

Scott Talbert:

 [ATM]: [lec] attempt to support cisco failover
 [ATM]: [lec] reset retry counter when new arp issued

Sean Hefty:

 [IB] Add MAD data field size definitions

Sridhar Samudrala:

 [SCTP]: Fix SCTP_SHUTDOWN notifications.

Sripathi Kodi:

 Fix invisible threads problem

Stephane Kardas:

 fat: fix adate

Stephen Hemminger:

 [FIB_TRIE]: message cleanup
 [TCP]: Set default congestion control correctly for incoming connections.
 skge: add maintainer
 skge: expand ethtool debug register dump
 skge: check length from PHY
 skge: fix Yukon-Lite A0 workaround

Steve French:

 cifs: Add support for suspend

Timothy Thelin:

 [SCSI] scsi: sd, sr, st, and scsi_lib all fail to copy cmd_len to new cmd

Tom 'spot' Callaway:

 [ATYFB]: Fix build with CONFIG_FB_ATY_GENERIC_LCD disabled.

Tommy Christensen:

 r8169: call proper VLAN receive function

Vincent Sanders:

 [ARM] 2922/1: compile fix for shark
 [ARM] 2936/1: ixp4xx default config fixes

Vlad Drukker:

 [BRIDGE]: TSO fix in br_dev_queue_push_xmit

Zach Brown:

 aio: lock around kiocbTryKick()
 aio: remove unlocked task_list test and resulting race
 aio: avoid extra aio_{read,write} call when ki_left == 0

Zhang, Yanmin:

 utilization of kprobe_mutex is incorrect on x86_64


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