Al Viro:

 missing asm/irq.h (cs89x0)
 useless includes of linux/irq.h in arch/i386
 m32r: missing __iomem in ioremap() declaration
 m32r: set CHECKFLAGS properly
 m32r: more basic __user annotations
 missing dependency on arm O= builds
 uml makefiles sanitized
 proc_mkdir() should be used to create procfs directories
 cyblafb: portability fixes, sanitized work with pointers
 arm/versatile iomem annotations
 arm/rpc iomem annotations
 ia64 basic __user annotations
 s390 signal annotations
 ppc64 get_user annotations
 ppc32 ld.script fix for building on ppc64
 mv64x60 iomem annotations
 i810-i2c iomem annotations
 saa6588 __user annotations
 mv64x60_wdt __user annotations and cleanups
 [CASSINI]: sparse annotations and fixes
 missing ERR_PTR in 9fs
 useless linux/irq.h includes (arch/um)
 cassini annotations and fixes
 cpuset crapectomy
 uml get_user() NULL noise removal
 bogus BUILD_BUG_ON() in bpa_iommu
 volatile unsigned short f(...) doesn't make sense
 missing qualifiers in readb() et.al. on ppc
 useless includes of linux/irq.h (arch/ppc)

Alan Cox:

 PATCH: silly in piix driver
 PATCH: remove function for non-PCI as requested

Alan Stern:

 [SCSI] fix use after potential free in scsi_remove_device
 [SCSI] fix oops in scsi_release_buffers()
 [SCSI] SCSI scanning and removal fixes
 USB: Update Documentation/usb/URB.txt

Alasdair G Kergon:

 device-mapper: Fix queue_if_no_path initialisation

Alex Williamson:

 [NET]: Make sure ctl buffer is aligned properly in sys_sendmsg().

Alexey Dobriyan:

 [NETFILTER] Fix sparse endian warnings in pptp helper
 [IRDA]: Fix memory leak in irttp_init()
 [IRDA]: *irttp cleanup
 [ROSE]: do proto_unregister() on exit paths
 [ROSE]: return sane -E* from rose_proto_init()
 [ROSE]: check rose_ndevs earlier
 [ROSE]: fix typo (regeistration)
 n_r3964: drop bogus fmt casts

Alexey Kuznetsov:

 [TCP]: Don't over-clamp window in tcp_clamp_window()

Alok N Kataria:

 kmalloc_node IRQ safety fix

Amos Waterland:

 fix drivers/pci/probe.c warning
 [NET]: Protect neigh_stat_seq_fops by CONFIG_PROC_FS

Andi Kleen:

 Fix up TLB flush filter disabling

Andreas Herrmann:

 [SCSI] change port speed definitions for scsi_transport_fc
 [SCSI] zfcp: fix race conditions when accessing erp_action lists
 [SCSI] zfcp: remove union zfcp_req_data, use unit refcount for FCP commands
 [SCSI] zfcp: remove function zfcp_fsf_req_wait_and_cleanup
 [SCSI] zfcp: shorten eh_bus_reset and eh_host_reset handlers
 [SCSI] zfcp: add additional fc_host attributes

Andrew Morton:

 Add printk_clock()
 proc_task_root_link c99 fix
 atyfb c99 fix
 revert oversized kmalloc check
 x86: hw_irq.h warning fix

Andy Currid:

 Add NVIDIA device ID in sata_nv

Anton Altaparmakov:

 NTFS: More runlist handling fixes from Richard Russon and myself.
 NTFS: Fix sparse warnings that have crept in over time.
 NTFS: Change ntfs_cluster_free() to require a write locked runlist on entry
 NTFS: Fix the definition of the CHKD ntfs record magic.  It had an off by
 NTFS: More $LogFile handling fixes: when chkdsk has been run, it can leave the
 NTFS: Re-fix sparse warnings in a more correct way, i.e. don't use an enum with

Anton Blanchard:

 ppc64: Fix issue with non zero boot cpu
 ppc64: Fix LPAR regression
 ppc64: Fix build with iommu debug enabled
 ppc64: Fix 64bit ptrace DABR support
 ppc64: Add missing barrier() in kexec code

Antonino A. Daplas:

 nvidiafb: Fix absence of cursor in nvidiafb
 fbdev: Fix reversed back and front porches
 intelfb: Fix regression (blank display) from ioremap patch

Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo:

 [LLC]: Make llc_frame_alloc take a net_device as an argument
 [LLC]: Simplify llc_c_ac code, removing unneeded assignments to variables
 [LLC]: Remove unneeded f_bit variables
 [LLC]: introduce llc_conn_tmr_common_cb, to avoid code duplication
 [LLC]: Remove unneeded temp net_device variables
 [LLC]: Update comments for llc_ui_bind and llc_ui_autobind to match new behaviour
 [LLC]: Mark llc_find_next_offset as __init, saving some more bytes
 [LLC]: Help the compiler with likely/unlikely, saving some more bytes
 [LLC]: Use const in llc_c_ev.c
 [LLC]: Remove unused functions from llc_c_ev.c
 [LLC]: Convert llc_ui_wait_for_ functions to use prepare_to_wait/finish_wait
 [LLC]: Use the sk_wait_event primitive
 [LLC]: Add sysctl support for the LLC timeouts
 [LLC]: Use some more likely/unlikely
 [LLC]: Use sk_wait_data
 [LLC]: Do better struct sock accounting on skbs
 [LLC]: Use refcounting with struct llc_sap
 [LLC]: Fix sparse warnings
 [LLC]: Fix the accept path
 [LLC]: fix llc_ui_recvmsg, making it behave like tcp_recvmsg

Ben Dooks:

 [ARM] 2924/3: taglist - postfix section with .init for `make buildcheck`
 [ARM] 2925/3: earlyparam - postfix section with .init for `make buildcheck`
 [ARM] 2926/1: .proc.info - postfix section with .init for `make buildcheck`
 [ARM] 2927/1: .arch.info - postfix section with .init for `make buildcheck`
 [ARM] 2928/1: S3C2410 - make machine init code static
 [ARM] 2933/1: S3C2410 - fix serial port warnings
 [ARM] 2934/1: Anubis - fix VA offsets for CPLD registers
 [NET]: Fix GCC4 compile error: sysctl in linux/if_ether.h
 s3c2410fb: Minor warning fix

Benjamin Herrenschmidt:

 ppc64: Build zImage.vmode for G5
 ppc32: fix build with oprofile
 ppc64: SMU driver update & i2c support
 mesh scsi: fix error handling
 ppc64: Fix huge pages MMU mapping bug
 ppc: fix stupid thinko in oprofile fix
 orinoco: Fix flood of kernel log with stupid WE warnings
 ppc64: More hugepage fixes
 Fix ppc64 smu driver locking

Bernd Petrovitsch:

 Rename vprintk define in bttpvp.h

Bill Nottingham:

 fix class symlinks in sysfs

Bjorn Helgaas:

 PCI: remove unused "scratch"

Brent Casavant:

 ioc4_serial: Remove bogus error message


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