Kconfig fix (PHYLIB vs. s390)
 Kconfig fix (BLK_DEV_FD dependencies)
 lost chunk of "uml: build cleanups"
 iomem annotations (sound/arm/aaci)
 updated mail address
 bogus symbol used in arch/um/os-Linux/elf_aux.c
 -Wundef fixes (hamachi)
 -Wundef fixes (ncr5380)
 -Wundef fixes (hisax)
 bogus #if (arch/um/kernel/mem.c)
 bogus #if (smc91x.h)
 bogus #if (ncr53c406)
 CHECKFLAGS on ppc64 got broken
 bogus #if (simserial)
 basic iomem annotations (ppc64)
 bogus cast in bio.c
 missing CHECKFLAGS on s390
 gratuitous includes of asm/serial.h
 sparse on uml (infrastructure bits)
 uaccess.h annotations (uml)
 __user annotations for pointers in i386 sigframe
 trivial __user annotations (ipmi)
 trivial __user cleanup (video1394)
 trivial __user annotations (evdev)
 trivial __user annotations (md)
 trivial iomem annotations in qla2xxx/qla_dbg.c
 kbuild: CF=<arguments> passes arguments to sparse
 __user annotations (scsi/ch)
 envctrl fixes

Vivek Goyal:

 kdump: Save parameter segment in protected mode (x86)
 Kdump: Documentation Update

Vojtech Pavlik:

 Input: ALPS - fix wheel decoding
 Input: psmouse - add new Logitech wheel mouse model
 Inpur: recognize and ignore Logitech vendor usages in HID
 Input: add HID simulation mappings
 Input: HID - add more consumer usages
 Input: atkbd - handle keyboards generating scancode 0x7f
 Input: iforce - use wait_event_interruptible_timeout
 Input: sunkbd - extend mapping to handle Type-6 Sun keyboards
 Input: HID - fix URB success status handling
 Input: HID - add a quirk for the Apple Powermouse
 Input: HID - add the Trust Predator TH 400 gamepad to the badpad list

Wendy Cheng:

 change io_cancel return code for no cancel case

Willy Tarreau:

 Sun HME: enable and map PCI ROM properly

Wim Coekaerts:

 ppc64: Allow world readable /proc/ppc64/lparcfg

Wim Van Sebroeck:

 [WATCHDOG] Makefile-probe_order-patch
 [WATCHDOG] Kconfig+Makefile-clean

Yann Droneaud:

 [ACPI] check acpi_disabled in IPMI

Yasuyuki Kozakai:

 [NETFILTER]: return ENOMEM when ip_conntrack_alloc() fails.
 [NETFILTER]: Fix CONNMARK Kconfig dependency

Ye Jianjun (Joey:

 dvb: usb: dtt200u: copy frontend_ops before modifying

Yoichi Yuasa:

 mips: remove obsolete GIU function call for vr41xx
 mips: update IRQ handling for vr41xx
 mips: change system type name in proc for vr41xx
 mips: moreover remove vr4181
 mips: add TANBAC VR4131 multichip module
 mips: add default select configs for vr41xx
 fix warning of TANBAC_TB0219 in drivers/char/Kconfig
 mips: remove vrc4171 config
 mips: changed from VR41xx to VR4100 series in Kconfig
 mips: add pcibios_select_root
 mips: add pcibios_bus_to_resource
 mips: fix build warnings
 mips: remove timex.h for vr41xx
 mips: add TANBAC TB0287 support


 [IPV6]: Repair Incoming Interface Handling for Raw Socket.
 [IPV6]: Support several new sockopt / ancillary data in Advanced API (RFC3542).
 [IPV6]: Support IPV6_{RECV,}TCLASS socket options / ancillary data.
 [IPV6]: rearrange constants for new advanced API to solve conflicts.
 [IPV6]: Note values allocated for ip6_tables.

Yoshifumi Nishida:

 [DCCP]: Fix checksum routines

Yum Rayan:

 kbuild: restrain output of "make help" to 80 columns

Zach Brown:

 kbuild: add kernelrelease to 'make help'

Zachary Amsden:

 x86: ptep_clear optimization
 x86_64: avoid some atomic operations during address space destruction
 i386: inline asm cleanup
 i386: cleanup serialize msr
 i386: inline assembler: cleanup and encapsulate descriptor and task register management
 i386: generate better code around descriptor update and access functions
 i386: load_tls() fix
 i386: use set_pte macros in a couple places where they were missing
 x86: more asm cleanups
 x86: privilege cleanup
 x86: make IOPL explicit
 x86: remove redundant TSS clearing
 x86: introduce a write acessor for updating the current LDT
 i386: encapsulate copying of pgd entries

Zhigang Huo:

 remove pipe definitions

Zwane Mwaikambo:

 i386 boottime for_each_cpu broken
 x86_64: print processor number in show_regs


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