Dave C Boutcher:

 [SCSI] ibmvscsi eh locking
 [SCSI] ibmvscsi timeout fix

Dave Hansen:

 hostap update
 sparsemem extreme: hotplug preparation

Dave Johnson:

 fix cramfs making duplicate entries in inode cache

Dave Jones:

 [SCSI] blacklist addition.
 [AGPGART] Drop duplicate setting of info->mode in agp_copy_info()
 Fix up various printk levels and whitespace corrections.
 [AGPGART] Remove trailing space before \n
 [CPUFREQ] Remove trailing whitespace before \n's in printks.
 must_check attributes for PCI layer.

Dave Kleikamp:

 JFS: Initialize dentry->d_op for negative dentries too
 JFS: jfs_delete_inode should always call clear_inode.
 JFS: allow extended attributes to be set within a existing transaction
 JFS: Implement jfs_init_security

David Brownell:

 USB: Gadget library: centralize gadget controller numbers
 USB: usbnet (1/9) clean up framing
 USB: usbnet (2/9) module for simple network links
 USB: usbnet (3/9) module for ASIX Ethernet adapters
 USB: usbnet (4/9) module for net1080 cables
 USB: usbnet (5/9) module for genesys gl620a cables
 USB: usbnet (6/9) module for Zaurii and compatibles
 USB: usbnet (7/9) module for CDC Ethernet
 USB: usbnet (8/9) module for RNDIS devices
 USB: usbnet (9/9) module for pl2301/2302 cables
 pcmcia: OMAP CF controller
 USB: EHCI port tweaks
 USB: EHCI workaround for NForce and mem > 2GB
 USB: get rid of minor log spamming
 USB: OHCI irq tweak
 USB: OHCI relies less on NDP register
 USB: OHCI, pxa27x OHCI port power tweaks
 USB: relax usbcore reset timings

David Chinner:

 [XFS] Prevent the incore superblock sb_fdblocks count from leaking when we
 [XFS] Fix racy access to pb_flags.  pagebuf_rele() modified pb_flags after

David Gibson:

 Four level pagetables for ppc64
 Remove NACA fixed address constraint
 Move iSeries and common vectors into unused space in head.S
 Change address of ppc64 initial segment table
 Remove general use functions from head.S
 Fix apparent code overlap in ppc64 head.S
 Remove unneeded #defines in head.S
 Tweak comments in ppc64 head.S
 Move variables in ppc64 head.S from .data to .bss
 Dynamic hugepage addresses for ppc64
 Restore lparmap.s include for iSeries
 Remove nested feature sections
 Fix bug in ppc64 dynamic hugepage support
 Invert sense of SLB class bit
 Fix function/macro name collision on i386 oprofile

David Howells:

 Provide better printk() support for SMP machines

David Johnson:

 dvb: bt8xx: cleanup
 dvb: bt8xx: Nebula DigiTV mt352 support

David Mosberger-Tang:

 [IA64] Fix race in mm-context wrap-around logic.

David S. Miller:

 [SPARC64]: Fix trap state reading for instruction_access_exception.
 [SPARC64]: Do not call winfix_dax blindly
 [SPARC64]: Revamp Spitfire error trap handling.
 [SPARC64]: Make debugging spinlocks usable again.
 [SPARC64]: More fully work around Spitfire Errata 51.
 [NET]: Kill skb->list
 [NET]: Kill skb->real_dev
 [NET]: Remove explicit initializations of skb->input_dev
 [DCCP]: Fix u64 printf format warnings.
 [IPX]: Fix build error in ipx_recvmsg()
 [IPVS]: Rename tcp_{init,exit}() --> ip_vs_tcp_{init,exit}()
 [NET]: Implement SKB fast cloning.
 [IPVS]: ipv4_table --> ipvs_ipv4_table
 [DCCP]: Fix printf format warnings on 64-bit.
 [LIB]: Make TEXTSEARCH_BM plain tristate like the others
 [SPARC64]: Eliminate irq_cpustat_t.
 [SPARC64]: Kill BRANCH_IF_ANY_CHEETAH() from copy page.
 [SPARC64]: Do not expand CHEETAH_LOG_ERROR 3 times.
 [SPARC64]: Preserve nucleus ctx page size during TLB flushes.
 [SPARC64]: Use drivers/Kconfig
 [SPARC64]: Use 'unsigned long' for port argument to I/O string ops.
 [TG3]: Update driver version and release date.
 [SPARC]: Kill io_remap_page_range()
 [TCP]: Keep TSO enabled even during loss events.
 [TG3]: Update driver version and release date.
 [NET]: Do not protect sysctl_optmem_max with CONFIG_SYSCTL
 [IPW2200]: ipw2200.h needs linux/dma-mapping.h
 [IEEE80211]: Use correct size_t printf format string in ieee80211_rx.c
 [RTC]: Use SA_SHIRQ in sparc specific code.
 [SPARC64]: Don't include drivers/firmware/Kconfig
 [SERIAL]: Avoid 'statement with no effect' warnings.
 [SPARC64]: Fix set/get MTU cases in sunos_ioctl()
 [NET]: Need struct sock forward decl in net/compat.h
 [SPARC64]: Inline membar()'s again.
 Make sparc64 use setup-res.c

David Shaohua Li:

 [ACPI] revert R40 workaround

David Vrabel:

 [ARM] 2869/1: ixp4xx: correct ioread*/iowrite*
 fbdev: geode updates


 USB: usbnet and unsigned gfp_flags
 USB: tweak highspeed timing calculations
 USB: remove annoying message
 ehci: add think_time
 ehci: add tt_usecs

Dean Nelson:

 [IA64] ensure XPC and XPNET are loaded on sn2 platforms only

Dean Roehrich:

 [XFS] Update copyrights
 [XFS] upate copyrights
 [XFS] send dmapi events from nopage for mmapped files

Deepak Saxena:

 [ARM] 2834/1: Remove IXP4xx board-specific map_io routines
 [ARM] 2836/1: Cleanup IXP4xx GPIO code
 [ARM] 2853/1: Make alloc_init_supersection() work with 36-bit mappings
 arm: allow for arch-specific IOREMAP_MAX_ORDER
 cs89x0: add netpoll support

Denis Vlasenko:

 [NET]: Deinline netif_carrier_{on,off}().

Dipankar Sarma:

 files: fix rcu initializers
 files: rcuref APIs
 files: break up files struct
 files-sparc64-fix 2
 files: files struct with RCU
 files: lock-free fd look-up
 files: files locking doc

Dirk Opfer:

 [ALSA] Fix compiler warnings in PXA2XX-AC97

Dmitry Torokhov:

 Input: rework psmouse attributes to reduce module size
 Input: i8042 - clean up initialization code; abort if we
 Input: make i8042_platform_init return 'real' error code
 Input: i8042 - fix IRQ printing when either KBD or AUX port
 Input: i8042 - add i8042.nokbd module option to allow supressing
 Input: i8042 - add Lifebook E4010 to MUX blacklist
 Driver core: link device and all class devices derived from it.
 smsc-ircc2: whitespace fixes
 smsc-ircc2: formatting fixes
 smsc-ircc2: drop DIM macro in favor of ARRAY_SIZE
 smsc-ircc2: remove typedefs
 smsc-ircc2: dont pass iobase around
 smsc-ircc2: add to sysfs as platform device, new PM
 smsc-ircc2: use netdev_priv()
 smsc-ircc2: dont use void * where specific type will do
 Input: clean up whitespace and formatting in drivers/char/keyboard.c
 Input: i8042 - use kzalloc instead of kcalloc

Domen Puncer:

 [NETFILTER]: Remove two unused files
 janitor: net/ppp-generic: list_for_each_entry
 janitor: jffs/intrep: list_for_each_entry
 janitor: fs/namespace.c: list_for_each_entry
 janitor: fs/dcache.c: list_for_each*
 janitor: block/umem: replace PRINTK with pr_debug
 janitor: tulip/de4x5: list_for_each

Dominik Brodowski:

 yenta: share code with PCI core
 pcmcia: remove unused client_t
 pcmcia: remove unused Vpp1, Vpp2 and Vcc
 pcmcia: more IDs for ide_cs

Dominique Dumont:

 dvb: core: CI timeout fix

Doug Warzecha:

 dcdbas: add Dell Systems Management Base Driver with sysfs support

Douglas Gilbert:

 [libata scsi] add START STOP UNIT translation
 [SCSI] sg direct io/mmap oops, st sync
 [SCSI] sg: do not set VM_IO flag on mmap-ed pages
 [SCSI] permit READ DEFECT DATA in block/scsi_ioctl

Ed L Cashin:

 aoe [1/2]: support 16 AoE slot addresses per AoE shelf
 aoe [2/2]: update driver version number to twelve

Egry Gabor:

 kconfig: kxgettext: message fix
 kconfig: kxgettext: EOL fix
 kconfig: linux.pot for all arch

Eric Dumazet:

 [NET]: use __read_mostly on kmem_cache_t , DEFINE_SNMP_STAT pointers
 mm/slab.c: prefetchw the start of new allocated objects
 [NET]: Use file->private_data to get socket pointer.
 [NET]: Make sure l_linger is unsigned to avoid negative timeouts
 x86_64: prefetchw() can fall back to prefetch() if !3DNOW
 remove file.f_maxcount
 struct dentry: place d_hash close to d_parent and d_name to speedup lookups

Eric Lemoine:

 [SUNGEM]: Fix netpoll bug in Sun GEM Ether driver

Eric Rossman:

 s390: crypto driver update

Eric Sandeen:

 [XFS] Fix check for writeable file in xfs_ioc_space ioctl code
 [XFS] add handlers to fix xfs_flock_t alignment issues in compat ioctls

Eric Van Hensbergen:

 v9fs: Documentation, Makefiles, Configuration
 v9fs: VFS file, dentry, and directory operations
 v9fs: VFS inode operations
 v9fs: VFS superblock operations and glue
 v9fs: 9P protocol implementation
 v9fs: transport modules
 v9fs: Support to force umount
 v9fs: debug and support routines
 v9fs: Change error magic numbers to defined constants
 v9fs: Clean-up vfs_inode and setattr functions
 v9fs: Fix support for special files (devices, named pipes, etc.)
 v9fs: readlink extended mode check
 v9fs: fix handling of malformed 9P messages

Eric W. Biederman:

 x86_64: Fix off by one in e820_mapped

Erik Waling:

 sonypi SPIC initialisation fix

Eugene Surovegin:

 ppc32: add 440GX rev.F cputable entry
 ppc32: fix EMAC Tx channel assignments for NPe405H
 ppc32: fix Bamboo and Luan build warnings
 ppc32: disable IBM405_ERR77 and IBM405_ERR51 workarounds for 405EP
 ppc32: move 4xx PHY_MODE_XXX defines to ibm_ocp.h
 ppc32: add dcr_base field to ocp_func_mal_data
 ppc32: export cacheable_memcpy()
 ppc32: fix ocp_device_suspend to use pm_message_t instead of u32
 ppc32: add missing sysfs node for ocp_func_emac_data.phy_feat_exc

Evgeniy Polyakov:

 [NETLINK]: w1_int.c: fix default netlink group
 W1: w1_netlink: New init/fini netlink callbacks.
 W1: Sync with w1/ds9490 tree.
 w1: hotplug support.
 w1: Fixed 64bit compilation warning.
 w1: Added inline functions on top of container_of().
 w1: Added w1_reset_select_slave() - Resets the bus and then selects the slave by
 w1: Added add/remove slave callbacks.
 w1: Detouching bug fixed.
 w1: Decreased debug level.
 w1: Added DS2433 driver.
 w1: Added DS2433 driver - family id update.
 lib/crc16: added crc16 algorithm.
 w1: added private family data into w1_slave strucutre.
 w1_ds2433: Added crc16 protection and read caching.
 [NET]: Add netlink connector.
 crc16: remove w1 specific comments.
 crc16: remove w1 specific comments.

Fabio Massimo Di Nitto:

 kbuild: modpost needs to cope with new glibc elf header on sparc

Felix Blyakher:

 [XFS] Check if there is first behavior before calling VOP_RECLAIM from

Finn Thain:

 macsonic/jazzsonic network drivers update

Francois Romieu:

 sis190: resurrection
 sis190: netconsole support.
 sis190: ethtool/mii support.
 sis190: add MAINTAINER entry.
 sis190: merge some register related information from SiS driver.
 sis190: remove hardcoded constants.
 sis190: initialisation of MAC address.
 sis190: the size of the Rx buffer is constrained
 sis190: extract bits definition from SiS driver.
 sis190: add endian annotations.
 sis190: allow a non-hardcoded ID for the PHY.
 sis190: dummy read is required by the status register
 sis190: new PHY detection code.
 sis190: PHY identifier for the K8S-MX motherboard.
 sis190: compare the lpa to the local advertisement
 r8169: PCI ID for the Linksys EG1032
 sis190: complete the mii probe before registering the netdevice
 r8169: avoid conflict between revisions 2 and 3 of the Linksys EG1032
 sis190: unmask the link change events
 sis190: recent chipsets from SiS include a RGMII
 sis190: make 10Mbps the default when handling the StationControl register
 sis190: RGMII Tx internal delay fiddling
 sis190: basic sis191 support

Frank Pavlic:

 s390: claw driver fixes

Frank Rowand:

 ppc64: change duplicate Kconfig menu "General setup" to "Bus Options"

Frank van Maarseveen:

 ppc32: Correct an instruction in the boot code

Gary Wayne Smith:

 [NETFILTER]: Make NETMAP target usable in OUTPUT

Gennady Sharapov:

 uml: move libc-dependent startup and signal code

Geoff Levand:

 [SUNGEM]: fix minor bug in sungem.h
 ppc64: zimage build fix
 ppc64: makefile cleanup

George Anzinger:

 x86 NMI: better support for debuggers

Giancarlo Formicuccia:

 Clear task_struct->fs_excl on fork()

Greg Edwards:

 kbuild: add ia64 support to rpm Makefile target
 [IA64] clean up sn2 region definitions

Greg Howard:

 [IA64-SGI] fix unaligned memory access in snsc_event.c

Greg Kroah-Hartman:

 I2C: fix max6875 build error
 Fix manual binding infinite loop
 PCI: clean up pci.h and split pci register info to separate header file.
 PCI: start paying attention to a lot of pci function return values
 USB: fix keyspan_remote endian bug on probe
 USB: fix up URB_ASYNC_UNLINK usages from the usb-serial drivers
 USB: fix endian issues in yealink driver.
 PCI: move pci core to use add_hotplug_env_var()
 Revert "USB: Prevent hid-core claiming Apple Bluetooth device on new G4 powerbooks"

Greg Ungerer:

 m68knommu: 523x ColdFire processor init code
 m68knommu: new family (523x) and board setup
 m68knommu: fix ColdFire startup code to properly handle non 0 based ram
 uclinux: update MAINTAINERS entry for UCLINUX
 m68knommu: cleanup showstack()
 m68knommu: 523x ColdFire processor support in arch Makefile
 m68knommu: new family (523x) and board config support
 m68knommu: use THREAD_SIZE instead of hard coded size
 m68knommu: need pfn_valid macro
 m68knommu: new board support in linker script
 m68knommu: update defconfig for m68knommu
 uclinux: use MAP_PRIVATE when mmaping code regions in flat binary loader
 m68knommu: ColdFire 523x processor register definitions
 m68knommu: defines to support the ColdFire 523x processor
 m68knommu: 523x ColdFire processor init/config Makefile
 m68knommu: remove uCdimm specific config code
 m68knommu: remove DrangonEngine2 specific config code
 m68knommu: create common config code for all 68VZ328 platforms
 m68knommu: extract common timer code for 68328 processor
 m68knommu: include support for the ColdFire 523x processor UARTs
 m68knommu: add timer support for the 523x ColdFire processor family
 m68knommu: register map setup for MOD5272 board
 m68knommu: create common timer code for 68x328 processor varients
 m68knommu: include ColdFire 523x processor register definitions
 m68knommu: extract common timer code for 68EZ328 processor
 m68knommu: config support for FEC eth of 523x Coldfire processor family
 m68knommu: ColdFire FEC eth driver improvements
 m68knommu: cache support for 523x/528x processors
 m68knommu: common ROM/flash based 68360 startup code
 m68knommu: correct prototype args in checksum.h
 m68knommu: change addr arg to const in bitops.h/find_next_zero_bit()
 m68knommu: add ColdFire serial driver support for 523x processor family
 uclinux: remove use of mtd_put_device() in uclinux MTD map driver
 m68knommu: dma support for 523x processors
 uclinux: add NULL check, 0 end valid check and some more exports to nommu.c
 m68knommu: add SPI register definitions for 528x processors
 m68knommu: FEC eth definitions support for the 523x Coldfire processor family
 m68knommu: allow for SDRAM and GPIO differences on 5270/1 and 5274/5 processors
 m68knommu: common RAM based 68360 startup code
 m68knommu: fix cache actions for ColdFire 5249, 527x and 528x processors
 m68knommu: implement scatter/gather support macros
 m68knommu: startup code for the Drangen Engine 68328 based board
 m68knommu: optimized local_irq_disable, and platform reboot code


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