Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo:

 [REQSK]: Move the syn_table destroy from tcp_listen_stop to reqsk_queue_destroy
 [NET]: Cleanup INET_REFCNT_DEBUG code
 [SOCK]: Rename __tcp_v4_rehash to __sk_prot_rehash
 [SOCK]: Introduce sk_setup_caps
 [INET]: Introduce inet_sk_rebuild_header
 [INET]: Move the TCP ehash functions to include/net/inet_hashtables.h
 [INET]: Just rename the TCP hashtable functions/structs to inet_
 [INET]: Move the TCP hashtable functions/structs to inet_hashtables.[ch]
 [INET]: Move bind_hash from tcp_sk to inet_sk
 [INET]: Generalise tcp_bind_hash & tcp_inherit_port
 [INET]: Move tcp_port_rover to inet_hashinfo
 [INET]: Generalise the tcp_listen_ lock routines
 [TCP]: Move the tcp sock states to net/tcp_states.h
 [INET]: Generalise tcp_v4_hash & tcp_unhash
 [INET]: Generalise tcp_v4_lookup_listener
 [INET]: Generalise tcp_tw_bucket, aka TIME_WAIT sockets
 [INET]: Generalise the TCP sock ID lookup routines
 [INET_TWSK]: Introduce inet_twsk_alloc
 [SOCK]: Introduce sk_clone
 [NET]: Introduce inet_connection_sock
 [NET]: Just move the inet_connection_sock function from tcp sources
 [ICSK]: Introduce inet_csk_clone
 [ICSK]: Generalise tcp_listen_{start,stop}
 [ICSK]: Introduce reqsk_queue_prune from code in tcp_synack_timer
 [NET]: Export symbols needed by the current DCCP code
 [RANDOM]: Introduce secure_dccp_sequence_number
 [DCCP]: Initial implementation
 [ICSK]: Move generalised functions from tcp to inet_connection_sock
 [LIST]: Introduce list_for_each_entry_safe_continue
 [CCID3]: Reenable list_for_each_entry_safe_continue usage
 [INET]: Make inet_create try to load protocol modules
 [DCCP]: Fix struct sockaddr_dccp definition
 [DCCP]: Introduce dccp_write_xmit from code in dccp_sendmsg
 [DCCP]: Initialize icsk_rto in dccp_v4_init_sock
 [TIMEWAIT]: Introduce inet_timewait_death_row
 [TIMEWAIT]: Move inet_timewait_death_row routines to net/ipv4/inet_timewait_sock.c
 [DCCP]: Finish the TIMEWAIT minisock support
 [ICSK]: Move TCP congestion avoidance members to icsk
 [TCPDIAG]: Implement cheapest way of supporting DCCPDIAG_GETSOCK
 [CCID3]: Separate most of the packet history code
 [CCID3]: Ditch USEC_IN_SEC as time.h has USEC_PER_SEC
 [IPV6]: Generalise the tcp_v6_lookup routines
 [INET6_HASHTABLES]: Move inet6_lookup functions to net/ipv6/inet6_hashtables.c
 [TCPDIAG]: Introduce inet_diag_{register,unregister}
 [TCPDIAG]: Just rename everything to inet_diag
 [INET_DIAG]: Rename tcp_diag.[ch] to inet_diag.[ch]
 [INET_DIAG]: Move the tcp_diag interface to the proper place
 [PACKET_HISTORY]: Add dccphtx_rtt and rename the win_count fields
 [DCCP]: Just reflow the source code to fit in 80 columns
 [DCCP]: Rewrite dccp_sendmsg to be more like UDP
 [DCCP]: Introduce the DCCP Kernel hacking menu
 [DCCP]: Fix RESET handling in dccp_rcv_state_process
 [DCCP]: Fix sparse warnings
 [NET]: Fix sparse warnings
 [NETLINK]: Fix sparse warnings
 [IP]: Introduce ip_options_get_from_user
 [DCCP]: Send SYNCACK packets in response to SYNC packets
 [DCCP]: Set dccp_ctl_socket to NULL in dccp_ctl_sock_exit
 [DCCP]: Use LIMIT_NETDEBUG in some debugging printks
 [CCID3]: Reintroduce ccid3hctx_t_rto
 [DCCP]: Fix seqno setting in dccp_v4_ctl_send_reset
 [DCCP]: Give more info on Step 6 failure debug printk
 [DCCP]: Fix the ACK and SEQ window variables settings
 [DCCP]: Fix ackno setting in SYNC/SYNCACK packets
 [DCCP]: Implement the CLOSING timer
 [DCCP]: Fix skb leak in dccp_sendmsg
 [DCCP]: Send a DATAACK packet when we have a TIMESTAMP_ECHO pending
 [CCID]: Make ccid_hc_[rt]x_exit accept NULL arguments
 [DCCP]: Export dccp_insert_option_timestamp to CCIDs
 [CCID3]: Calculate the RTT in the RX half connection
 [DCCP]: Introduce dccp_get_info
 [ICSK]: Generalise tcp_listen_poll
 [DCCP]: Call the HC exit routines at dccp_v4_destroy_sock
 [DCCP]: Initial dccp_poll implementation
 [DCCP]: Make the Debug Menu available when DCCP is statically linked too
 [DCCP]: Introduce dccp_wait_for_ccid and use it in dccp_write_xmit
 [CCID3]: Reflow to mostly fit under 80 columns
 [CCID3]: Reorganise timeval handling
 [CCID3]: Introduce usecs_div
 [CCID3]: Move the CCID3 defines to ccid3.h
 [CCID3]: Move the loss interval code to loss_interval.[ch]
 [DCCP]: Just move packet_history.[ch] to net/dccp/ccids/lib/
 [DCCP]: Introduce dccp_tfrc_lib module with net/dccp/ccids/lib/*.c
 [DCCP]: Move the calc_X routines to dccp_tfrc_lib
 [CCID3]: Move ccid3_hc_rx_add_hist to packet_history.c
 [CCID3]: Move ccid3_hc_rx_detect_loss to packet_history.c
 [CCID3]: Call sk->sk_write_space(sk) when receiving a feedback packet
 [CCID3] Avoid unsigned integer overflows in usecs_div
 [CCID] Only call the HC insert_options methods when requested
 [CCID3] Calculate ccid3hcrx_x_recv using usecs_div
 [DCCP] Give precedence to the biggest ELAPSED_TIME
 [CCID3] Use ELAPSED_TIME in the HC TX RTT estimation
 [CCID3] Make the ccid3hcrx_rtt calc look more like the ccid3hctx_rtt one
 [CCID3] Initialize more fields in ccid3_hc_rx_init
 [DCCP] Introduce dccp_timestamp
 [CCID3] Introduce ccid3_hc_[rt]x_sk() for overal consistency
 [CCID3] Initialize ccid3hctx_t_ipi to 250ms
 [DCCP] Only call the HC _exit() routines in dccp_v4_destroy_sock
 [CCID3] Cleanup ccid3 debug calls
 [CCID3]: Listen socks doesn't have a private CCID block

Arnaud Patard:

 sata_sis: Add support for SiS182 chipset
 s3c2410fb: ARM S3C2410 framebuffer driver
 s3c2410fb: Platform support for ARM S3C2410 framebuffer driver

Arnd Bergmann:

 ppc64: fix IPI on bpa_iic

Arthur Kepner:

 bonding: inherit zero-copy flags of slaves

Arthur Othieno:

 ppc32: Re-order cputable for 750CXe DD2.4 entry
 ppc32: Add cputable entry for 750CXe DD2.4 ("Gekko")
 ppc64: Big-endian I/O memory accessors.
 Remove even more stale references to Documentation/smp.tex

Ashok Raj:

 x86/x86_64: deferred handling of writes to /proc/irqxx/smp_affinity
 x86_64: Fix cluster mode send_IPI_allbutself to use get_cpu()/put_cpu()
 x86_64: create sysfs entries for cpu only for present cpus
 x86_64: Don't do broadcast IPIs when hotplug is enabled in flat mode.
 x86_64: Don't call enforce_max_cpus when hotplug is enabled
 x86-64: Delivery mode should be APIC_DM_FIXED when using physical mode.

Avery, Brian:

 Add warning `init=' to init/main.c

Barry Scott:

 dvb: frontend: mt352: fix signal strength reading

Becky Bruce:

 Move 3 more headers to asm-powerpc

Ben Dooks:

 [ARM] 2855/1: S3C2410 - add CLKSLOW definitions, and show in init
 [ARM] 2856/1: S3C2440 - show DVS status at startup
 [ARM] 2857/2: Dynamic tick - fix OOPS if configured and not provided
 [WATCHDOG] s3c2410 watchdog power management
 [WATCHDOG] s3c2410 watchdog - replace reboot notifier
 [ARM] 2874/1: S3C2410 - add cpu_init() call after sleep wakeup
 [ARM] 2876/1: N30 - remove task to toggle USB D+ line
 [ARM] 2889/1: S3C2410 - Add machine Anubis
 [ARM] 2884/1: BAST - fix PC104 IRQ routing
 [ARM] 2891/1: S3C2410 - update s3c2410_defconfig for 2.6.13
 USB: S3C24XX port numbering fix
 Documentation/sparse snapshot URL

Benjamin Herrenschmidt:

 flattened device tree changes
 Fix PCI ROM mapping

Benjamin LaHaise?:

 new name for 2.6.14
 [NET]: Make use of ->private_data in sockfd_lookup
 unify x86/x86-64 semaphore code
 aio: kiocb locking to serialise retry and cancel


 I2C: simplify max6875 driver
 I2C: update max6875 documentation
 I2C: add kobj_to_i2c_client
 I2C: max6875 documentation cleanup
 I2C: max6875 code cleanup

Bjorge Dijkstra:

 [ALSA] ac97 - make ac97 codec device name unique

Bjorn Helgaas:

 [ACPI] don't complain about PCI root bridges without _SEG
 [IA64] fix IO_SPACE_SPARSE_ENCODING macro ambiguity
 [ACPI] PNPACPI IRQ workaround for HP workstations
 pnp: consolidate kmalloc wrappers
 PNP: make pnp_dbg conditional directly on CONFIG_PNP_DEBUG

Bob Moore:

 [ACPI] ACPICA 20050815

Bob Picco:

 sparsemem extreme implementation

Bodo Eggert:

 use select in sound/isa/Kconfig

Bodo Stroesser:

 Ptrace/i386: fix "syscall audit" interaction with singlestep
 Uml support: reorganize PTRACE_SYSEMU support
 Uml support: add PTRACE_SYSEMU_SINGLESTEP option to i386
 SYSEMU: fix sysaudit / singlestep interaction
 uml: fix SIGWINCH handler race while waiting for signals.
 uml: increase granularity of host capability checking
 uml: skas0 stubs now check system call return values
 uml: allow host capability usage to be disabled
 uml: fix advanced sysemu check

Borislav Deianov:

 [ACPI] IBM ThinkPad ACPI Extras Driver v0.12

Brandon Enochs:

 hostap update

Brett M Russ:

 PCI/libata INTx cleanup
 PCI: PCI/libata INTx bug fix

Brett Russ:

 libata: fix pio_mask values (take 2)
 libata: Marvell SATA support (PIO mode)

Brian Haley:

 [IPV6]: Bring Type 0 routing header in-line with rfc3542.

Brian King:

 block: CFQ refcounting fix

Brian Schau:

 Input: HID - add Wireless Security Lock to HID blacklist

Brice Goglin:

 Fix smsc_ircc_init return value
 pcmcia: add pcmcia to IRQ information

Bruce Allan:

 sunrpc: cache_register can use wrong module reference

Catalin Marinas:

 [ARM] 2868/1: Include linux/cpumask.h in arch/arm/common/gic.c

Chaskiel Grundman:

 alpha: process_reloc_for_got confuses r_offset and r_addend

Chen, Kenneth W:

 remove hugetlb_clean_stale_pgtable() and fix huge_pte_alloc()
 [IA64] make exception handler in copy_user more robust
 [IA64] minor performance tune-up in ia64_switch_to
 Prefetch kernel stacks to speed up context switch

Christoph Hellwig:

 ll_rw_blk.c kerneldoc updates
 [SCSI] qla1280: remove dead per-host flag variables
 [SCSI] qla1280: interupt posting for irq disabling/enabling
 [SCSI] qla1280: misc cleanups
 [SCSI] qla1280: use SAM_ constants
 [SCSI] qla1280: remove SG_SEGMENTS
 [SCSI] qla1280: always load microcode
 [SCSI] qla1280: don't use bitfields for hardware access in isp_config
 [SCSI] qla1280: don't use bitfields for hardware access, parameters
 [SCSI] qla1280: endianess annotations
 [SCSI] aic79xx: remove some dead code
 [SCSI] aic79xx: sane pci probing
 [SCSI] aiclib remove dead
 [SCSI] comment cleanup for spi_execute
 [NETFILTER]: Remove tasklist_lock abuse in ipt{,6}owner
 [XFS] replace vn_get usage by ihold
 [XFS] remove struct vnode::v_type
 [XFS] Fix sparse warnings in kmem_* functions  Patch from Victor Fusco
 [XFS] remove unessecary vnode flags
 [XFS] add infrastructure for waiting on I/O completion at inode reclaim
 [XFS] Add infrastructure for tracking I/O completions
 [XFS] Add in the new xfs_aops.h header file for I/O completion struct.
 [XFS] Delay direct I/O completion to a workqueue  This is nessecary
 [XFS] Delay I/O completion for unwritten extents after conversion
 [XFS] streamline the clear_inode path
 [XFS] allow a null behaviour pointer in linvfs_clear_inode
 [XFS] remove some dead code from pagebuf
 [XFS] Retry linux inode cacech lookup if we found a stale inode.  This
 [XFS] Switch kernel thread handling to the kthread_ API
 [XFS] replace "extern inline" with "static inline"  Patch from Adrian Bunk
 [SCSI] aic7xxx: remove aiclib.c
 [SCSI] fusion: extended config header support
 [SCSI] fusion: update LSI headers
 [SCSI] fusion: endianess fixes
 [SCSI] fusion: whitespace fixes
 ppc32: fix asm-ppc/dma-mapping.h sparse warning
 [SCSI] switch EH thread startup to the kthread API
 [SCSI] unexport scsi_add_timer/scsi_delete_timer
 remove a dead extern in mem.c
 remove misleading comment above sys_brk
 move m68k rtc drivers over to initcalls
 move 68360serial.c over use initcalls
 remove asm-*/hdreg.h
 [SCSI] SAS transport class

Christoph Lameter:

 A new 10GB Ethernet Driver by Chelsio Communications
 [IA64] Spinlock optimizations
 [IA64] Remove rwsem limitation of 32k waiters
 /proc/<pid>/numa_maps to show on which nodes pages reside
 More __read_mostly variables
 radix-tree: Remove unnecessary indirections and clean up code
 Numa-aware slab allocator V5

Christophe Lucas:

 printk : Documentation/firmware_class/firmware_sample_driver.c
 applicom: fix error handling
 drivers/char/lcd.c: misc_register() can fail
 hdpu_cpustate.c: misc_register() can fail

Chuck Ebbert:

 loopback: #ifdef the TSO code
 loopback: optimize stats
 loopback: whitespace cleanup
 [WATCHDOG] softdog-timer-running-oops.patch
 docs: fix misinformation about overcommit_memory
 x86-64: Clean up nmi error message
 x86-64: Fix incorrect FP signals
 x86-64: i386/x86-64: Fix time going twice as fast problem on ATI Xpress chipsets

Clemens Buchacher:

 janitor: ide: min/max macros in ide-timing.h

Clemens Ladisch:

 [ALSA] sound - fix .iface field of mixer control elements
 [ALSA] use SNDRV_CTL_NAME_IEC958 macro
 [ALSA] use PCM interface for IEC958 controls
 [ALSA] ymfpci: add per-voice volume controls
 [ALSA] make local objects static
 [ALSA] usb-audio: use 1 ms URBs when capturing
 [ALSA] usb-audio: fix packets per URB calculation for playback
 [ALSA] usb-audio: make nrpacks parameter writeable
 [ALSA] usb-audio: schedule high speed URBs with 1 ms alignment
 [ALSA] usb-audio: optimize handling of capture URBs
 [ALSA] usb-audio: double-buffer all playback data
 [ALSA] usb-audio: actually schedule playback URBs at frame boundaries
 [ALSA] usb-audio: properly lock hwptr_done accesses
 [ALSA] usb-audio: use usb_buffer_alloc/free
 [ALSA] usb-audio: use vmalloc for the PCM buffer
 [ALSA] ac97: make patch_wolfson_wm97??_specific() functions static
 [ALSA] usb-audio: fix Emagic MIDI protocol handling
 [ALSA] usb-audio: throttle MIDI URB resubmits on USB errors

Colin Ngam:

 [IA64-SGI] Altix only: Add PCI Domain number support.

Con Kolivas:

 sched: run SCHED_NORMAL tasks with real time tasks on SMT siblings

Corey Minyard:

 ipmi: add per-channel IPMB addresses
 ipmi: high-res timer support fixes
 ipmi: watchdog/NMI interaction fixes
 ipmi: allow userland to include ipmi.h
 ipmi: OEM flag handling and hacks for some Dell machines
 ipmi: clean up versioning of the IPMI driver
 ipmi: fix panic ipmb response
 ipmi: add hacks for IPMI chassis poweroff for certain Dell servers
 ipmi: style cleanups
 ipmi: remove unused fields
 ipmi poweroff: fix chassis control

Cornelia Huck:

 s390: reIPL fix and extern/static inline

Coywolf Qi Hunt:

 kbuild: make help binrpm-pkg fix
 alloc_buffer_head() and free_buffer_head() cleanup

Craig Shelley:

 USB: CP2101 New Device IDs

Dale Farnsworth:

 mv643xx: add workaround for HW checksum generation bug
 mv643xx: fix skb memory leak
 mv643xx: fix outstanding tx skb counter
 mv643xx: Disable per port bandwidth limits
 mv643xx: Fix promiscuous mode handling
 mv643xx: add netpoll api support
 USB: Fix typo in ohci-ppc-soc.c: usb_hcd_put => usb_put_hcd
 USB: remove include of asm/usb.h in ohci-ppc-soc.c

Daniel Burcaw:

 radeonfb: Only request resources we need

Daniel Drake:

 sata_nv: Support MCP51/MCP55 device IDs
 sata_promise: Add PDC40519 id
 USB: Fix HP8200 detection in shuttle_usbat
 USB: usb-storage: Add unusual_devs entry for Neuros Audio MP3 player

Daniel Horchner:

 [ALSA] intel8x0 - add AC97_TUNE_MUTE_LED quirk for HP nx8220 laptop 103c:0934

Daniel Ritz:

 yenta: make ToPIC95 bridges work with 16bit cards
 PCI: Support PCM PM CAP version 3
 pcmcia/cs: fix possible missed wakeup
 fix pcmcia_request_irq() for multifunction card
 pcmcia/yenta: avoid PCI write posting problem
 Update PCI IOMEM allocation start

Dariusz M:

 USB: pl2303 driver, makes pl2303HX chip work correctly

Dave Airlie:

 drm: add _DRM_CONSISTENT map type
 drm: add framebuffer maps
 Refactor common, boilerplate ioctl code from drm_addbufs_* functions into
 drm: update support for drm pci buffers
 drm: update some function so a driver can call them
 drm: fix minor function header issue
 drm: export symbols for use by drivers
 drm: destatic exported function.
 drm: add test for AGP devices and driver override for it.
 drm: add new mga ids and types
 drm: make drm_alloc_agp take a dev arg.
 Add support for PCI MGA cards to MGA DRM.
 drm: add mga driver callbacks
 drm: cleanup buffer/map code
 drm: fix ioctl direction in r128 getparam
 drm: copy the right data back to userspace for getreserved contexts ioctl
 drm: updated DRM map patch for 32/64 bit systems
 drm: switch drm_handle_t to unsigned int
 drm: remove the gamma driver
 drm: fix warning in drm_pci.c
 drm: remove version.h and any version checks..
 drm: add savage driver
 drm: add initial r300 3D support.
 drm: update pci ids for savage and via
 drm: add new texture upload code from r300 project
 drm: fixes for powerpc
 drm: fix a bad VERSION check.
 drm: fix issue with handle lookup for a 0 handle
 drm: small cleanups
 drm: fix MGA on non AGP systems


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