kernel 2.6.14 の考察(20051028更新)



Takashi Iwai



Ok, it's finally there.

2.6.14 was delayed twice due to some last-minute bug-reports, some of
which ended up being false alarms (hey, I should be happy, but it was a
bit frustrating)

But hey, the delays - even when perhaps unnecessary - got us to look at
the code and fix some other bugs instead. So it's all good.

So special thanks go to Oleg Nesterov and Roland McGrath for doing some
code inspection and fixing and just making the otherwise frustrating wait
for bug resolution more productive ;^p.

Let's try the 2-week merge window thing again, I think it worked pretty
well despite the delays, and hopefully it will work even better this time

The actual changes from 2.6.14-rc5 are a number of mostly one-liners, with
the ShortLog appended (full log from 2.6.13 on the normal sites together
with the release itself). The only slightly bigger ones (ie more than a
handful of lines) is a kernel parameter doc update, and the PIIX4 PCI
quirk printouts, and the cleanups/fixes for the posix cpu timers.

(In fact, according to diffstat, about half the diff is that one
documentation update, and most of that is whitespace cleanups)



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