kernel 2.6.13-rc6 の考察(20050807更新)





James and gang found the aic7xxx slowdown that happened after 2.6.12,
and we'd like to get particular testing that it's fixed,
so if you have a relevant machine, please do test this.

There are other fixes too, a number of them reverting (at least for now)  
patches that people had problems with. In general, anybody who has
reported regressions since 2.6.12, please re-test with -rc6 and report
back (even if, or perhaps _particularly_ if, no change to the regression).

Apart from some reverts and the aic7xxx performance regression fix,
there's arm and ppc updates, and some PCI resource allocation updates that
hopefully will reduce the number of machines (especially laptopns) that
have strange undocumented MB devices that clash in PCI IO space.. And 
various small one-liners.

The appended shortlog/diffstat gives more some more specific insight..



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