Network: The Future of Works

  • 2010, Dec. 9 at Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco
  • GigaOM present

Opening Remarks (8:25 AM)

  • Emcee - Chris Albrecht Editor GigaOM TV, GigaOM; Om Malik Founder, GigaOM ; Mathew Ingram Senior Writer, GigaOM; Simon Mackie Editor WebWorkerDaily?, GigaOM

Analyzing The State of Collaboration (8:30 AM)

  • In this fireside chat we talk to two analysts focusing on the world of collaboration and ask questions such as: Where is the industry is heading next? Who will be the next big players? What will cause the next seismic shifts? Where should the Enterprise customer be investing their dollars? Join us as we start the day’s program by getting some insider insights into the state of collaboration in the enterprise.
  • 1)JP Finnell‎ Managing Partner, Mobility Partners / 2)David Coleman Managing Director, Collaborative Strategies / 3)Sameer Patel Managing Director, The Sovos Group
    • 写真順 左から1)2)3)
    • 3)オフィースでは色々と失敗が繰り返されている。ファイル共有、検索、メール…しかし、人の生産性を中心に考えられているのか。
    • 1) Business impact for office; 10X (improve more than 10% productivity by new technology) My question is how to get 10X by employ participation.
    • 2) email is bad, if you can improve mail, you can get 10X. Harvard Medical center they use chat on line every meeting. This more than 10X.
    • 3) E-mail is baseline of office work.
    • 2) Old guy like before world war 2, people cannot share information. But young guy like now, they are new generation who fast try to share all information and try to collaboration on office and home. This is fast experience on our society. Of course, there are lot of mistake and confliction, but lot of benefit.

Mobilocracy - The Inalienable Rights of the Mobile Workforce (8:50 AM)

  • Today's mobile employee is 46 years old and lives outside of Silicon Valley. Once only a member of the technological elite, they have hit Main Street and are now behind the largest workplace disruption since the PC. With a highly mobile lifestyle come certain habits - highly beneficial and also potentially risky to the enterprise. Enterprises need to strike the fine balance between data security protection and mobile employee productivity. After more than a decade of serving the upwardly mobile, and four quarters of collecting survey data, iPass President and CEO Evan Kaplan will share some insights about what drives the mobile workforce, their inalienable rights and predictions for 2011.
  • 1) Evan Kaplan President and CEO, iPass

Workshifting: From the Desktop to the Cloud (9:00 AM)

  • Citrix Online has partnered with Forrester to research current trends and understand the needs of tomorrow's workforce. Come hear Brett Caine, Citrix Online's president, share both the surprising results of this research and his personal experience, which challenge conventional views of the workplace and work practices. He'll also discuss the differences in work practices emerging between the U.S. and the rest of the world, as well as how job functions and age groups are adopting new work styles, drawing out implications for our future competitiveness as work shifts to an anywhere, anyhow, anytime model.
  • 1) Brett Caine President, Citrix Online
    • Citrix online; Hunt for talent (better result, better opportunity who looking for); This is new trend and Next 5 to 10 years continue. ; This transition is from traditional work model to Flexible work model.
    • All thing are access your computer which is your office. Simplicity is key issue… work patterns in Flexible.
    • Generation gap is not there; Gen Y is 40%, Boomer use 50% everyday social network.; Geo Gap video chat > 33% American, European 63%.;
    • Not just about people; green CO2 … Shift time > shift people
    • check

Shifting Time, Shifting Place, Shifting Mode, Yet We Still Remain Human (9:20 AM)

  • Technology has advanced more in the past 15 years than in the past 200 years, fundamentally changing the way the world lives and works. Infrastructure, information, entertainment and connectivity have evolved, potentially faster than humans' ability to fully comprehend how it can, or will be, used. As technology directly and indirectly fuels the accelerated development of society and business, are users ready for it? More importantly, do leaders understand the power of technology and its effect on people –- both the intended and unintended consequences?
  • 1)Allen Delattre Global Managing Director, Technology Practice, Korn/Ferry International

The State of the Human Cloud (9:40 AM)

  • In this talk, we round up the state of the industry in 2010 and ask two thought leaders for their current top trends and predictions for 2011. In addition, we investigate some common questions: What types of companies are leveraging the human cloud, and how are they doing it? Who are the online workers; where in the world are they located; and what are the prices of labor and the hottest e-labor skills? This is a must-attend session.
  • 1)Simon Mackie Editor WebWorkerDaily?, GigaOM / 2)Lukas Biewald CEO and Founder, CrowdFlower? / 3) Fabio Rosati President and CEO, Elance
  • 写真 左から1)2)3)
    • 3) human cloud is no friction, no employee working infrastructure, new requruting… Human cloud is remote worker or/and outside helper who help over online. Big change is trust…; if you hire people online, use to be impossible to trust, now it change.
    • 2) Small micro business, need help skillful people in short time and lowest cost; human cloud.
    • 3)Tool is so popular and people can work from anywhere. No need of full time worker. If you are programmer, you do not need to come office, just give your work from anywhere.
    • 2) This is natural way to work and live…; Company happy skillful worker when they need.

BREAK 10:00 AM

  • (Optional Workshops - Located on Level 2)

Korn/Ferry International Workshop – Room 1 / The Science Behind Success

  • Find out why some executives are promoted quickly while others stall or derail. Which critical characteristics predict higher performance and retention in leaders? How are the most successful leaders adapting in these challenging times? Join Korn/Ferry executives as we share some of the secrets to the science of the executive search industry. Attendees will be offered an opportunity to take the Korn/Ferry executive assessment and receive personalized online feedback.
  • Dana Landis VP, Global Search Assessment, Korn/Ferry International / Hawlan Ng Director, Assessment Services, Korn/Ferry International

Accenture Workshop – Room 2

  • Scaling the Mobile Enterprise: Advances in Cross-Platform Device Management and Software Deployment
  • The challenge to manage a global, distributed mobile workforce that brings their own smartphones and tablets into the enterprise is harder than you think. Not managed correctly, the likelihood of misconfiguration, security breaches and out-of-control spending for devices and data can increase by order of a magnitude. The trouble doesn't stop there - real time collaboration also requires cross-platform deployment and data sync capabilities to ensure that all employees have access to the same fresh data all the time. In this panel come hear leading perspectives on how the problems are being solved today and how mobile performance is being delivered.
  • Lars Kamp Executive, Accenture / Delip Andra CEO and Founder, Twezr / Adam Blum CEO, Rhomobile / Ojas Rege VP Products, MobileIron?

Making Collaboration Work in the Big Enterprise (10:40 AM)

  • Cisco's Rebecca Jacoby has some unique experience. She's the CIO of a company that has committed itself to being a leader in enterprise collaboration tools. She's also a CIO who has had to make those collaboration tools work for her organization at the mandate of Cisco's CEO John Chambers. We talk to Rebecca about the insights she's gained in making high-bandwidth collaboration work across time zones, cultures and departments, and what enterprises can learn from Cisco and deployment of it's products.
  • 1)Mathew Ingram Senior Writer, GigaOM / 2) Rebecca Jacoby SVP and CIO, Cisco
  • 写真順、左から1)2)
    • 2) IT organization available many tools; all base on communication tool.

Designing the Organization for Real-Time Collaboration (11:00 AM)

  • The collaboration tools you choose will reshape your organization. So what will the new enterprise look like? In this fireside chat with two of the most esteemed minds in Management and Enterprise IT, we ask how organizations can strategize for a mobile, distributed and collaborative workforce, and what key factors managers and IT chiefs alike have to consider for the future enterprise.
  • 1) Mathew Ingram Senior Writer,GigaOM / 2) John Hagel III Co-Chairman, Center for the Edge, Deloitte LLP / 3) John Seely Brown Independent Co-Chairman, Center for the Edge, Deloitte LLP
  • 写真順、左から1)2)3)
    • from 1995, company on stock exchange, they change. What kind of change… individual contractor. Challenge is how to find talent people and support them inside of company and outside of company.

Walking the Razor's Edge (11:20 AM)

  • SG&A Cost Reduction mandates. High Service level requirements. A virtual workforce with real estate realities. Innovation. How do all these parts come together to enable one of the world's high performance businesses? Tom Pate, Director of Operations for Accenture's $12B North America business, will outline how Accenture took costs out, and built performance in, by leveraging innovative business process, collaboration technology and enabling a virtual workforce. A key part of Tom's story will be around how management needed to incent, reward and control adoption and compliance in a "real world" change management case study.
  • 1) Allen Delattre Global Managing Director, Technology Practice, Korn/Ferry International / 2) Thomas Pate North America Geographic Services Executive Director,Accenture

How Social and Mobile Trends Impact the Workplace (11:40 AM)

  • The future of the workplace is in real time: status updates from colleagues, data that finds its way to you before you ask for it, and the ability to access it all from any mobile device. Facebook and Twitter have taught the next generation how to collaborate, but how will this new model lead to enhanced productivity for an increasingly mobile workforce? Hear Marc Benioff talk about how he sees real-time social platforms changing the way people communicate, collaborate and innovate.
  • 1) Victoria Barret Associate Editor, Forbes / 2) Marc Benioff CEO,
    • 2) Cloud 1 to Cloud 2; it's mean more realtime, more social. Groupware make organization flat. Cloud will do same thing… society make flat.
    • 小池メモ;社会は情報化し、フラット化している。クラウド時代はドンドン、フラット化する。フラット化すると会社組織や仕事のスタイルは変わる。情報はドンドンオープンになり、チャットやメール、ウェブでオープン化する。情報はオープン化する事を前提に、経営はできるのか。そこで問われるのは、トラスト(信頼)だろう。従業員と管理者の信頼がなければ、情報オープンやフラット社会社会に対応できない。もちろん、トラブルはある。

The Human Cloud: Elastic Workforce in the Enterprise (12:00 PM)

  • Crowdsourcing has captured the imagination of people in the enterprise. The concept is that of a "Human Cloud" for labor. While it has proven itself effective, in many cases, modern managers are confused, wondering which everyday tasks can be crowdsourced, how to define the tasks, and under what conditions an elastic workforce is the right decision? In a conversation with three of the leading minds in crowdsourcing, we ask how an elastic workforce can be utilized, and what managers should understand when considering such solutions.
  • 1) Niel Robertson Founder and CEO, Trada / 2)Alex Edelstein CEO, CloudCrowd? / 3) Sharon Chiarella Vice President, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Amazon / 4) Doron Reuveni CEO, uTest / 5) Maynard Webb Chairman and CEO, LiveOps?
  • 写真順、左から1)2)3)4)5)
    • 5) how provide quality service through cloud… this is human cloud key issue. Call center is best example of human cloud.
    • 3) Self employee style is price and quality. Time saving..
    • 4) Community in real society go to cloud. In cloud human service become reality.
    • 小池メモ;従来は人と人の通信。そこにはリアリティーとリアリティーしかなかった。しかし、Web20が成長し、人と人の通信・交流の間に仮想世界(アプリケーションの世界)が入るようになった。人>仮想コミュニティー(フェースブックやホームページなど)>人という構造的な変化が出ている。通信事業者は、人と人の交流にこだわると社会から取り残される。仮想社会に対応する通信基盤のあり方を考えなければならない。
    • 小池メモ;物流はものの消費に一致する。そのため、現実社会とかけ離れた数字にはならない。物流が早くなれば、ものの消費は高まる。一方、人は情報の消費を増やしている。テレビやラジオ、テキストなどで情報は高度に処理され、人は従来の数十倍から数百倍の情報を消費するようになっている。物流と情流のバランス変化は人のライフスタイル、ワークスタイルに大きな影響を与えている。
    • 2) human cloud = virtual worker?

Lunch Sassion

GigaOM Pro Workshop – Room 112:30 PM

  • Flexi Spaces and Coworking. What Works in the World of Work?
  • Empowered by new web technologies, work organizations old and new are beginning to adopt flexible office and workspaces to fit the dynamic nature of today's organizations. What are the different approaches to providing your workforce a place to work? What are the differences in total costs? What really works? Join GigaOM Pro and our panel of experts on workspace to discuss case studies, best practices and the latest trends in the work spaces for the enterprise.
  • 1) Simon Mackie Editor WebWorkerDaily?, GigaOM / 2) Tony Bacigalupo Mayor, New Work City / 3)Campbell McKellar? Founder and CEO, Loosecubes / 4) Julian Nachtigal Chief Coworking Guru, pariSoma Innovation Loft / 5) Jeremy Neuner Co-Founder and CEO, NextSpace?

Leading without Seeing - Managing a Distributed Team (Workshop – Room 2)

  • Treat people well. Expect great things from them. Be human. The details though, they make all the difference. Managing the nuances of engagement and productivity with a couple thousand miles between you and your team is both science and art. Hear from Shane Pearlman as to how he has run a fully distributed team of 20-40 North American creatives for the last 5 years. He outlines how his success comes from a cohesive set of technical and cultural systems: the right people, the right environment and the right tools.
  • 1) Shane Pearlman CEO, Shane and Peter

The Cloud: Enabling What Was Once Impossible (1:30 PM)

  • Cloud-based applications fundamentally transform how a business operates. For the past decade, Zach Nelson has observed thousands of customers literally change the game by leveraging new capabilities that cloud-based processes can deliver. With the success of NetSuite? and it's customers, Zach reveals some data driven insights into how previously impossible business processes are enabled in the cloud and as a result are transforming industries across the world.
  • Zach Nelson President and CEO, NetSuite?

Real-Time Overload: Technology and the Communication Tsunami (1:50 PM)

  • The move to real-time communications in business environments means an information deluge has you under siege. Many modern information workers now spend their weekends catching up with email and electronic messaging, and cite information overload as a major source of job dissatisfaction. What can we do? Clearly, technology will be needed to help us combat information overload. We talk to two leading figures in electronic communication, and discuss how they see messaging evolving to meet our very human business environment.
  • 1) Mathew Ingram Senior Writer, GigaOM / 2)Dave Hersh Chairman, Jive Software, Sixty-Two Miles (Investment & Advisory) / 3) Bradley Horowitz VP, Product Management, Google

Key Design Principles for Maximizing the Value of Collaborative Technology (2:10 PM)

  • Innovative companies increasingly want to collaborate across time, space and organizational structure restrictions. Web 2.0 technologies hold great promise, but in practice, they often come up short. In this talk, representatives from Moxie Software and IDEO outline how they collaborated on a social enterprise application, taking into consideration a human interaction approach to design “Around the Way People Work.”
  • 1) Stowe Boyd Researcher, / 2) Tom Kelly President and CEO, Moxie Software / 3) Doug Solomon CTO, IDEO

Simple Communications for Smarter Working (2:30 PM)

  • The lines between our work and personal lives -- and the technologies we use -- are permanently blurred. How are we adapting? We are communicating more today than ever before. More technologies. More devices. More mediums. And while these solutions are essential, they present a new level of end-user complexity that can erode the very thing we want to accomplish: communication. Renee will explore the future of communications and preview a new category of solutions that enable smarter working.
  • Renee Niemi SVP, Communication Solutions, Plantronics

Self Serve, Simple and Social Inside (2:40 PM)

  • A slew of new SaaS solutions are succeeding in the enterprise market place. The software embodies collaboration by building in the social graph into the underlying frameworks. Are they laying down a success pattern for future software companies? We bring the founders and leaders from some of the most succesful propositions to tell us what we can learn from their successes and where we can expect IT tools to go in a world where the end users are now provisioning themselves.
  • 1) JP Finnell‎ Managing Partner, Mobility Partners / 2) Chuck Dietrich CEO, SlideRocket? / 3)Isaac Garcia CEO and Co-Founder, Central Desktop / 4) Aaron Levie Co-Founder and CEO, / 5) Andy McLoughlin? Co-Founder and SVP Strategy, Huddle

BREAK (Optional Workshops - Located on Level 2) (3:20 PM)

How Real-Time Communications and Video are Transforming the Workplace : GigaOM Pro Workshop – Room 1

  • What will the future of your workplace look like? We surveyed a 1000 people to find the answers. This workshop panel will be focused on newly released preliminary survey data from Skype and GigaOm? Pro on trends in real time collaboration. It will look at how workplace decision makers and employees at large are utilizing various forms of real time communication, how video is changing the workplace and what their future plans are in adopting these technologies. In addition, the workshop will explore the topic of information overload and managing communication and collaboration. Panelists from leading companies will share their perspectives on the changing workplace and how real-time communications and collaboration is making an impact.
  • 1) Michael Wolf VP Research, GigaOM Pro / 2) Anurag Agrawal Analyst, GigaOM Pro and Techaisle / 3) Aaron Levie CEO, / 4) Andrew Sinclair Director, Enterprise Product Management and Engineering, Skype

Hiring and Retention in the Hyper-Connected Era (Workshop – Room 2)

  • Corporate transparency is spreading like a virus. Job seekers often know your dirty laundry before they apply. Hear how employers are embracing openness and using it to attract talent. Learn how to transform top performers into recruiting magnets and what you’ll then have to do to keep them. See examples of winning talent strategies in the hyper-connected talent market.
  • 1) Dan Arkind Founder and CEO, JobScore? / 2) Brendan Browne Director of Global Talent Acquisition,LinkedIn?

People Management and HR Through the Web (4:00 PM)

  • Human resources (HR) and people management are hugely important areas. We bring the leaders from two of the leading web based HR tools to discuss where and when automation works, and where and when a more human touch is needed. We also ask them to examine where there are still gaps in HR software and when we may solutions emerge.
  • 1) Glenn Solomon Partner, GGV Capital / 2) Daniel Debow co-CEO, Rypple / 3) Philip Korn Managing Director VC Relationships, TriNet?

Confessions of a Radical Collaborator (4:20 PM)

  • Can anyone really work from anywhere? Debra Chrapaty, SVP of Cisco’s Collaboration Software Group can. She works with global teams, around the clock and often remote from her corporate office – using multiple devices running the very software her team builds. Find out how you can build a collaboration-ready organization.
  • 1) Debra Chrapaty SVP and GM, Collaboration Software Group, Cisco

The Rise of the Enterprise Social Inbox (4:40 PM)

  • In the enterprise world, many believe “social=bad”. But if you put different monikers on “identity and relationships”, it sounds less novelty and more productivity. The addition of Facebook to our world is happening and there will be some awkward moments as it weaves itself into our working lives. To try and avoid issues by throwing ourselves against the door of change will only delay how we learn to leverage it as a tool in the enterprise. Communications between customer and company are getting organic and informal. Make sure that you and your employees are a part of that conversation.
  • Jeff Bonforte CEO, Xobni

Innovating Employee Engagement and Productivity (4:50 PM)

  • How does Humana foster employee engagement? Starting with redefining ways of working that drive agility and subsequently re-organizing the way work is done to allow a balance between choice of task for the worker and control for the manager. We talk with Jeff Ross, who is leading Humana's efforts to transition to social technologies and techniques at the health insurance giant, about transition, scale and integration. Joining him will be a key vendor, Tim Young of SocialCast? to detail the case study.
  • 1) Stowe Boyd Researcher, / 2)Jeff Ross Technology Business Consultant, Humana / 3) Timothy Young Founder and CEO,Socialcast

Managing Remote Workers: What We Still Need to Get Done (5:10 PM)

  • One of the problems with remote, project-based workers is managing them from a distance. The norms of building relationships and the nuances of in-person communication are often lost. What do we need to make the work relationship, and management of these employees, more productive, human and effective?
  • 1) Simon Mackie Editor WebWorkerDaily?, GigaOM / 2) Gary Swart CEO, oDesk / 3) Maynard Webb Chairman and CEO, LiveOps?

Adapting to Context and Experience (5:30 PM)

  • Businesses are going social, mobile and global at amazing rates, leveraging tools once thought of as "consumer" to get the work done. Driving this transformation are connected services in the cloud and mobile that are letting businesses accelerate the adoption of these tools. In this talk we examine how service providers will need to adapt user experiences across multiple platforms and devices to allow for better user experience and context.
  • 1) Omar Green Director, Strategic Mobile Initiatives,Intuit

Reducing Hiring Risks With Social Networks (5:40 PM)

  • What's the best way to recruit a great fit for your team? Ask someone you know for a recommendation. With the rise of the "social graph", applications that make use of that social metadata are on the rise and talent recruitment is one of the proven success stories. Hear how this has worked for Mavenlink and how it's success patterns can be applied to other areas in the workplace.
  • Ray Grainger CEO, Mavenlink

The Future Ideas Launchpad (5:50 PM)

Drew HoustonCEO, Dropbox
Saad KhanPartner, Information Technology, CMEA Capital
Ross MayfieldChairman, President and Co-Founder, Socialtext